Tuesday, February 21


I've moved!


Please use and bookmark the new URL... I will no longer be updating on this site!

*PS If the link isn't working, try typing www.closettherapyblog.com into a new browser. I'm having domain issues again :( Let me know if still not working!!

*edit again: Augh! Still having issues. Site might be spotty the next couple of days... I apologize!

Launch Update

Thank you for all your input!

Along with the launch of the new design, new URL address... I will also have one more surprise. Unfortunately I cannot announce it until later... but I can't wait!

Meanwhile when the new site is up there will be at least 1 new post a day which will give me flexibility to post more about everyday things, fashion on a budget, and all of the other things you all love! I will add outfit pictures to the "Wearing Today" as well as keep all of your other suggestions in mind.

I will post the new URL later today as soon as it is up! :) :)

*edit: The "domain people" are taking longer than normal to get my site up and running. :( (Seriously, I bought the domain on www.domainpeople.com) But they promise to get it up and running by tonight so we'll see. :(