Thursday, August 19

Prada Rush...

Despite the summer heat, my sisters and I decided to drive over to Cabazon to satisfy our craving for good deals. Of course, I went with a game plan. I always stop by Gucci first to check out the bags and shoe selection, then make my round over to Prada. Then after that it's off to the "moderate" stores like Barneys New York and Off Saks 5th to search for bargains.

This time around Gucci was just "blah" and Prada had a worse-than-usual bag selection. However, since I was enjoying the air conditioning (with the 100 degree heat outside!), I made my way to the back and saw a couple of cute shoes. Then off to the corner I saw a sign: "Women's RTW 65% off lowest ticketed price." What? Wait. These shoes are $190... that can't be.

So I give a sales person one of the shoes and asked her to check on the sale price for me. She returns it and says "These will be $65." So I asked her back, "uhm, is that for just one or.. the pair?!" And she says, "Yes, haha, they are for the pair. These are the last ones so that's why they are discounted. Actually, all of the shoes in this section are around that price range, but they are all size 9-10."

Thank God for big feet!~

I walked away with 3 pairs of shoes:
- Prada darkened bronze strappy high-heeled sandals.
- Prada black leather semi-chunky heels.
- Miu miu brown leather sandals with a high cork heel.

All of this for.... $190!
$65 + $68 + $42 + tax

I still can't believe it.

I wanna go back and just take the rest of the shoes but they were mostly black or dark brown so I doubt I need that many. But still! I was so excited I was seriously sweating in the store and I don't think it was because of the heat.