Tuesday, November 30

Stock up for winter...

Want a good deal on some classic bags?

I have a couple up on eBay ending today! Tod's hobo bags, Prada daino leather totes... check 'em out :) No reserve!

Retail $1250, currently going for $399. Also in blue.

Retail $965, currently going for $299. Also in beige.

... and more ...

Click here to see my auctions..

Oh did I mention cutie Marc Jacobs shoes too...

A Chunk of Warmth

Brrr it's cold out there! Even in LA we are starting to see ski jackets, scarves and a plethora of non-UGG shearling boots. The best way to stay warm this winter is with a chunky knit wrap. My favorites are the super chunky ones (handknit is even better) to offset wearing boots like the Minnetonka lace-ups or the KORS Crosby boot.

Diesel Melange Knit Cape, $195 at urbanoutfitters.com

Old Navy Wrap Sweater, $44 at oldnavy.com

For a slimmer fit, here's a cute one from Abercrombie. Not too chunky, not too long... and more importantly not too expensive:

Cameron Sweater Coat, $89.50 at abercrombie.com

Saturday, November 27

Turq-ey Holiday

I was feeling a bit lazy today and wasn't at all into the "Black Friday" shopping (anything I can do to avoid those crowds) so I stayed at home all morning and browsed through some of my favorite online stores.

One of my faves: blaec.com.
I love how their online boutique is organized: their front page is a row (a long row-- you have to scroll all the way to the right) of "looks" pulled together with current season items. I love to look at the pieces they combine to create their layered looks.

One particular piece caught my eye:

Underneath both outfits is an aqua Woo halter top. I love the body on this top and also the color - you can really pop it out with a variety of jackets for winter. The best part is, the top is only $80. I have to check it out in person to see what the fabric's like. I've never seen any Woo clothes... the only thing I remember from them is cashmere wallets from a few years back.

Well, this certainly got me in the mood for shopping again. (Hence my stop to Barney's, see below)

Celebrity Sighting of the Week...

I ate a late lunch today at Barney's and as I was leaving, I passed by Nicky Hilton who was just settling into a patio table with her friend (girl).

It was my first Hilton sighting, and I didn't really get a good look at her because I was on my way out of the restaurant. However I do have one comment... her hair just looks so unnatural, no? It seemed really dark, black almost. I think she should go lighter-- not blonde but a lighter brown.

Thursday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving!

I went to a casual BBQ at a friend's house today for Tnx'giving. Since it was outdoor, I didn't get a chance to "dress up" for the holidays, instead I had to wear something warm and something that allowed me to chase my dogs around the backyard if needed. I decided to go with: white vintage disney tinkerbell long sleeved t-shirt, green c&c tank underneath, dark hudson jeans cuffed up, and my von dutch "uggs"

Two things I discovered today:
1) (kinda gross) I sweat a lot more in my Von Dutch Uggs than my real Uggs. Is it because the V.Dutch are "synthetic" wool and the real Uggs are real wool? Fake things suck.
2) When I bought my MJ multi-pocket bag in bark I was really hesitant because the brown has a very reddish tint to it. After wearing it around for a couple of weeks, I've noticed the leather has gotten much smoother and the red has become more subtle. I love it! :D

But then... have you seen the new Spring 2005 styles on the MJ website? Augh SO CUTE! Here are my faves:

Karolina in Espresso - So soft and girly, I love those handles!

Angela in Green - I love this green, you can rock this shape with anything!

Patti in Washed Coral - Great piece to stand out yet complete an outfit.

Selma in Pale Mint - I love the contrast of the gold hardware.

Their website is in flash so I can't post pictures now, but I will later! Meanwhile you can just browse www.marcjacobs.com.

Tuesday, November 23

Give & Receive

What better is there thank shopping for a gift and receiving rewards for yourself? I discovered this a couple weeks back when I went to Kiehl's in Santa Monica (on Montana Ave.) to pick up some Kiehl's Baby sets for friends of mine that were expecting. I chatted with the SA a little bit and went home with bag full of goodies... and I'm talking those travel-sized deluxe goodies- not the wimpy little squeeze packets.

So this inspired me to write a list for all you LA girls of the best places in LA to get samples.

1) Kiehl's: It's always best to go to a Kiehl's store rather than a counter at, say, Neiman Marcus or Barney's to get samples. Turns out there is a rule in department stores: SA's are only allowed to give a maximum of 3 samples to customers that have made a purchase. For this reason, the store stocks up on only a minimal amount of samples. However, if you must, then might I recommend the Barney's counter rather than Neiman Marcus or Sak's Fifth, they tend to bend the rules a bit more. But if you actually make it into a store, then chat it up with an SA and they will start offering you deluxe-sized samples that they have in. If you ask them for samples right off the bat, they will give you packets. Instead, ask them what mask products would they recommend for your sensitive skin, or which body cleanser do they recommend with a [insert favorite fruit here] scent. Whenever I stop by to pick up anything, I always ask them to recommend me something for my dry skin- I go home happy with free with bottles of body lotion, creme de corps, and samples of facial moisturizers.

2) Another place that offers abundant samples is Sephora. However, you have to find a less busy Sephora where idle SA's have time to fill up sample bottles with your favorite make-up. I would suggest the Sephora in Century City ~ the one on 3rd street gets so hectic you'll have a hard time flagging down a SA to help you. Things I've gotten from the CC Sephora: Nars Multiple stick (they cut off a portion of the stick and put it in a sterile twist-top bottle... this will actually last as long as you're into the color... I've had my samples last up to 1-2 weeks of heavy using on my cheeks and eyes), samples of foundations or tinted moisturizers, lotions or creams and lipsticks. Remember~ they can only give you samples of things they can squeeze in or spoon into the little sample vial. This excludes powdery eye shadows, blushes, lip glosses and etc.

3) And last but not least, there are the make-up counters in Fred Segal Santa Monica. I don't know why~ but they always seem to be out of stock on a lot of their foundations and make-up items. I've been three 3 times in a row for a tube of Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer but came home instead with a one-week sample because they were sold out. They are also happy to give out samples of the Diane vonFurstenberg foundation. I've found this to be very helpful because sometimes when you put on foundation in the store, the lighting is really not that ideal and you always end up with the wrong color when you put it on at home. So stop by and get a sample first before you commit to an entire bottle.

4) Non-LA girls can wait for Neiman Marcus' Online Beauty Events. Usually the minimum purchase is $75 worth of beauty goodies and they give you a hoard of free samples from all the top names. I think they have this once or twice a year but it is definitely worth buying whenever they have these events because they give out samples for just about everything as well as a chic bag to carry it all. When they're not having these events, they always have beauty offers online which = gift with purchase.

So now whenever I have to buy a beauty-related gift (or just stock up for myself) I try to make it to one of these stores so I can get a little extra for myself :)

Other than free samples, buying gifts this Holiday season can be rewarding in other ways. Lots of store department cards have point programs where you collect points for a gift certificate or a free gift. Here are my top choices: (Of course, applying for credit is a decision you have to make based on your own credit history and you shouldn't apply for a card just to get benefits)

- Neiman Marcus: Neiman Marcus offers a charge card. Like American Express, the balance needs to be paid in full every month. Every dollar you spend in NM gives you a point. Points can be exchanged for special gifts and rewards, however you are not officially enrolled in the points program unless you have accumulated 5,000 points every year.

- Barneys New York: This card is a regular credit card so you can carry a balance. Points are added up the entire year and traded in for gift certificates called "Free Stuff". There are some offers throughout the year where you can get double points for purchases. The minimum amount of points for this program is 2,000 points for the year and the more you accumulate, the more rewards you get (in terms of percentage) but I believe the rewards start at about 2% or 2.5%.

Other stores that have rewards programs included Bloomingdale's and Saks Fifth Avenue but I do not have any experience with their rewards structure so I don't know if they are really worth it. If anyone out there has other rewards cards with good bonuses, let me know and I will post them on here!

Handbag Picks for Winter.

Something classic: trendy now yet still fabulous later.

Something durable: of course it needs to last when you want to wear it fabulously later.

Something convenient: yes the Luella Gisele was 1) & 2) but how many times have you cursed at the closure when your cell phone goes off and it is trapped inside?

Here are some picks for the winter that will always remain a classic for the seasons to come. Some, of course, are splurges because we all know our handbags are investments. And some are bargains~ you will need that extra $$$ for an awesome matching wallet.

Louis Vuitton Trouville ($1,200) ~ We were all in love with the multicolore speedy at one point. We were jealous of J.Lo when she was the first to carry it. We cringed after seeing it on Jessica Simpson episode, after episode, after episode. And, of course, we count the colors of the LV's whenever we see the bag on the street because if that girl is sporting a fake then we want to be able to scoff at her about it. So enters the Trouville. A fresh new look in a soon-to-be classic shape. It even has pockets for your cell phone, keys and ipod. An upgrade from the speedy's single zip pocket don't you think?

Tod's Milky Zip Media ($1,250) ~ It is the stylist's bag of choice when outfitting a high-powered female executive from New York City. It has been updated bit by bit since it's previous generations but the Milky now comes in a textured deerskin leather (durability was one of the critieria right?) and has sporty zippers and hardware. You need one in brown. Wait, make that black. Hmm, maybe suede? Oooh what about white...

Marc by Marc Jacobs Satchel ($298) ~ Fun. Cute. Comfy. Everything Marc Jacobs in a mix of suede and leather. The price point isn't too bad also- making it a perfect Christmas gift. But whose shoulders deserve to be spoiled? Better just keep this one for yourself.

Allison Burns Faithful Bag ($275) ~ Yes, we've seen this bag in gold on just about every celebrity that makes it into US magazine. But have you seen how much you can fit into this thing? And the two-in-one strap is still ingenious in my book. But with new colors like bronze, citrus, lilac, moss and tan you can bet you'll see this bag for a long time coming.

Jimmy Choo Tulita Tuscany ($1200) ~ Forget the Gisele, unless you can afford a Birkin bag, THIS will be the bag to tote around. I like the yummy chocolate (or was it coffee) color best.

P.S. Look for Jennifer Aniston to rock this bag in her upcoming movie, derailed.

Juicy Couture Charm Hobo ($295) ~ What? Did Juicy finally make a cute bag? One I can actually wear out without looking 14? I agree, the hobo is not an original idea... but hey at least this bag isn't a knock off of Botkier, Luella or the Celine Boogie bag like their first season. It does come in an array of sherbert colors plus basic black.

Felix Rey Butterfly Clutch ($138) ~ Of course, a winter closet is not complete without some Holiday Party accessories. Felix Rey makes clutches from smooth silk in a variety of prints to complement your outfits. And even though clutches are small, they are still something to be seen. And if it will be seen, it might as well be admired.

Lorelie Paget Ruched Clutch ($198) ~ Sweet yet edgy, always a good combination. Made of a sleek leather body and satin bows, this clutch adds a sophisticated touch to that simple back dress but chic enough for your rocker outfit.

P.S. Is it a shocker that mines is the first list to NOT include the Balenciaga Moto Bag? Yes, I've done this on purpose: that bag has been out too long and just because Mary Kate & Ashley didn't discover it until this summer doesn't mean that it's a "new, hot" item. I was a big fan of this bag and own it in black~ but the past few months have unfortunately been overkill for this style turning it from "classic" to "overplayed".

Wednesday, November 17

Christmas list time!


Luella Credit-Card Key-Ring Case
My miumiu one's beat~ I want this in black to match my gisele.

Chloe Calfskin Satchel
Okay, okay. This is more of a "lust" item. $1130???

iPod, 20GB
Of course, unless I get one for free :D

Tiffany, Diamonds by the Yard
Classic small studs, for every-day wear. :)

Anastasia Brow Kit
For in-between appointments.

Miss Army Kit
So I don't break a nail the next time I have to remove a price tag or open a new cd in the car.

"O" at the Bellagio
I *need* orchestra tickets to watch the show while I'm in Vegas Jan 8-10. :'(

Sony T1 Digital Camera
My current dig. cam makes me look fat. Seriously. It bloats all things in the viewfinder in the middle. (Proof- I took pics of boxes which ended up looking like they were bursting in the middle! Hehe...)

Make-up Brushes
Trish McEvoy? Bobbi Brown? Not sure yet which brushes are best.

Restoration Hardware Laurent Bedside Table
I need a new nightstand so badly it's not even funny.

Trich McEvoy Little Black Card Set
I love all-in-one anythings :)

Monday, November 15

I got sucked in...

My friends are getting free ipods left and right so I decided to jump on the wagon and try it out for myself.

All you have to do is join, complete an online offer, and refer 5 friends to do the same. And that's it~ I just did the Blockbuster offer since it's free, quick and painless. Other offers were to sign up for credit cards and other free trials... I think the Blockbuster one was the easiest.


Please use my referral link! (Seriously... it only takes 30 seconds to sign up :D)

Saturday, November 13

LA Girls~

Rachel Pally Sale Today & Tomorrow~
50 - 80% off Holiday and Fall collections!

Saturday 10 - 4pm
Sunday 10 - 1pm

5811 Matilija Ave, Van Nuys

Tuesday, November 9

Here they are!

Here's your chance to stock up on some classic bags for the Winter/Cruise season! The Tod's classic hobo & Dado, Prada's signature nylon bags... all of them are brand new~ I -rarely- have designer bags available so when I do I like to offer them to you guys first rather than posting them on eBay.

I have just listed them on eBay~ no reserve! eBay auctions - bags&shoes

Here are some examples:

Cutie right??

**I will personally guarantee authenticity. They come with dust bags, authenticity cards, and the original retail packaging for the Prada. (The packaging Prada uses to protect the bags when they send them out to the stores, etc.) E-mail me if you have any questions... I won't have these for long~ aneehs@gmail.com

Wednesday, November 3

Make-Up Update

Okay screw the vote, I went back to Barney's and traded the Pink Ribbon set for the Press Shy palette. I love it!

I played around with it a lot today (until my eyes were red from eye make-up remover muhaha) and I was pleasantly surprised. I was a little bit worried when I picked this set because the eye colors are on the heavier side: moonlight, grace, slate and espresso. However, once I put them on they were pretty sheer. Just be careful with the moonlight because just a little goes a really long way- the first time I put it on I looked like a clown.

Anyways for the "day" I put the moonlight on my browbones just to highlight then worked my crease in with grace. Then I dusted a little of the slate on my lids, close to my eyelashes. The blush is pretty sheer so it works great for day or night looks and I used the rose shine glaze on my lips. I love that this set comes with brushes and a mirror so I can do touchups wherever!

For my "night" look first I lined my eyes with Benefit's Babe Cake (the best eyeliner I've found so far-- but more on that later!) in the black. Then I dusted the entire lid with moonlight and worked my crease in with grace. Then I dampened the eyeshadow brush that comes with the kit and I caked on the slate all over my lid (from the lashes to my natural crease) for a bolder, smokier look. Then I smudged on the espresso on my outer lids, both top and bottom. I put on one coat of Stila's waterproof mascara in black and my look was complete!

One thing I don't like about the palette though is the Natalie lip color which looks magenta on me. I tried mixing it with the Rose shine and it came out okay, but more of a day color.

Now... on to eyeliner. I've had the worst problems with eyeliner. I've tried pencils and even jumped the gun and tried NARS liquid eyeliner: nothing worked. I'd either get a clumpy line or a really messed up one. I was @ the Benefit counter and a SA introduced me to their babe cake... amazing stuff! Just dip the get bent brush in water and then blend into one or both of the colors until you get a good thick mixture. The brush is amazing and the eyeliner goes on so smoothly! I got it right on the first try. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's had problems with eyeliner.

Tuesday, November 2

Marc Jacobs *updated*

My search for a multi-pocket everyday leather bag is over. I've decided to go with classic MJ.

Anyone have experience with Marc Jacobs leather? Does the calfskin last okay?

*** Just got back from Barneys New York where I picked up the large multi-pocket in bark. So excited!

I walked through all the department stores on "Beverly Hills Row"... I considered buying the bag @ Neiman Marcus in the washed rose color which is a pretty dusty rose mixed with a light brown-- but they didn't have it in large. Then I went to Saks Fifth where I was *very* tempted to just get the Louis Vuitton Trouville in White/Multi-colore but I reminded myself that I really, really needed a shoulder bag.

At my last stop (BNY) I got the last large/bark combo from the stockroom and even opened a Barney's Credit Card to get 10% off. The bag is awesome: I love the leather and the shape of it. I just hope I get a lot of wear out of it!

I also did my good deed for the day... I bought the Stila Pink Ribbon Set (proceeds go to breast cancer research).

But now that I've brought the set home... I'm not sure the pinks will do well on me. It's also the same price as the holiday set (only $36!) that comes with more eye shadow and lip glosses and it comes with brushes... so I might exchange it. Problem is which set do I go for? Anyone care to cast a vote?

Press Savvy vs. Press Shy

Monday, November 1

My bath bar

Remember that mebath ice cream I've been raving about? Well I've recently found more of the same at LUSH (3rd Street Promenade). They have bath bombs in different flavors and functions: lavender to relax or butterball to soften your skin. They also have bubble bath chunks, when dipped in running water they foam up to create a very bubbly bath.

I found this cute vase at Pottery Barn and decided it would be a perfect way to serve up my bubble bath. Here are the bath bomb flavors I picked up today: Avobath, Sex bomb, All That Jasmine, Softy, Waving not Drowning and Butterball. And the bubble bars are Hot Milk? and Creamy Candy. I try to stay with the softer colors because I read a horror story where someone tried the Hot Java Bomb and it left a permanent red ring around her tub. =(