Wednesday, November 17

Christmas list time!


Luella Credit-Card Key-Ring Case
My miumiu one's beat~ I want this in black to match my gisele.

Chloe Calfskin Satchel
Okay, okay. This is more of a "lust" item. $1130???

iPod, 20GB
Of course, unless I get one for free :D

Tiffany, Diamonds by the Yard
Classic small studs, for every-day wear. :)

Anastasia Brow Kit
For in-between appointments.

Miss Army Kit
So I don't break a nail the next time I have to remove a price tag or open a new cd in the car.

"O" at the Bellagio
I *need* orchestra tickets to watch the show while I'm in Vegas Jan 8-10. :'(

Sony T1 Digital Camera
My current dig. cam makes me look fat. Seriously. It bloats all things in the viewfinder in the middle. (Proof- I took pics of boxes which ended up looking like they were bursting in the middle! Hehe...)

Make-up Brushes
Trish McEvoy? Bobbi Brown? Not sure yet which brushes are best.

Restoration Hardware Laurent Bedside Table
I need a new nightstand so badly it's not even funny.

Trich McEvoy Little Black Card Set
I love all-in-one anythings :)