Tuesday, July 26

Time Off

I'm in Hawaii! I'll be back on Aug 2.

Saturday, July 23

Answers to the Anniversary SweetSpot Quiz.

Here are the answers to yesterday's game.

1) Acidity
2) mid-4
3) dryness, moisture loss
4) balancing
5) galbanum
6) Geranium
7) grapefruit
8) unscented
9) InStyle
10) 30

Thank you to all of those who have participated!

... and now ...

for the winners...

1st Place Catherine (12:07PM)
2: Mary (12:08PM)
3: kjen (12:11PM)
4: Jenifer (12:12PM)
5: Vic (12:12PM)
6: Mika (12:14PM)
7: Anastasia (12:14PM)
8: Janet (12:17PM)
9: Wendy (12:20PM)
10: Christina (12:33PM)

I will be sending an e-mail out to all of the winners (including the random winners) to request your mailing address. You should receive your prize shortly! Thanks for playing!

Friday, July 22

Anniversary Sweetspot Giveaway Contest

Go to SweetSpotLabs.com to find the answers to the quiz below. Then e-mail them right away to closettherapy@gmail.com. The first 10 people to submit all 10 correct answers will win a prize! I will contact the winners shortly to ask for their mailing addresses.

Fill in the blanks:

(1) What is pH? The pH is organic in nature and is the measure of ________.

(2) Your sweet spot's ideal pH is in the ______ range.

(3) SweetSpot Labs'® products promote optimal sweet spot balance by preventing _________ and __________ and maintaining a complementary pH balance.

(4) The Spot Right! is a ____________ mist.

The 4 available scents are:

(5) Citrus _________

(6) _________ Lavender

(7) Basil ___________

(8) ___________

(9) Which magazine dubbed SweetSpot the "Best New Product" and said, "Unlike soap, they are pH-balanced for this sensitive area, so they won't be irritating"?

(10) How many deluxe-sized gentle wipettes come in the Spot Refresh! ?

Good Luck!

P.S. I also have several sample-sized items that I will send out randomly to anyone that answers the quiz correctly (not including the first 10 winners)... so even if you are late you still have a chance of winning something. :)

Tuesday, July 19

It's my Anniversary!

Speaking of Anniversaries... I just realized it's been exactly one year since I've started this blog!

I wanted to do something FUN to celebrate... so I thought... what's more fun than a giveaway??

Then there was the question of what to give away... and I thought of my absolute favorite 'new discovery' of the moment... SweetSpot products- a luxury line of Intimate Grooming. You've probably read about them in Instyle or Jane magazine... or maybe you've seen their products at your local spa or beauty boutique... in any case, I'm ecstatic that there is finally a product like this created especially for a woman's sweet spot. (After all- do you use toothpaste on your hair... or deoderant on your face?)

I can go on and on about the importance of taking special care of our most sensitive spot... but then I thought I'd let you guys do the work. So on Friday, July 22, 2005 at 12 PM PST, I am going to post a Sweet Spot Quiz. (All of the answers can be found at www.sweetspotlabs.com) The first 10 people to e-mail me with all the correct answers at closettherapy@gmail.com will receive a SweetSpot gift. (see below)

1st Prize - SweetSuite in Citrus Galbanum, valued at $33.

2nd Prize - Eau de Spot in Citrus Galbanum, valued at $22.

3rd - 10th Place - (1) Gentle Wash, Balancing Mist, or On-the-Go Wipettes, valued at $12 each.

So don't forget to come back here on Friday for our Anniversary Contest. :D

Sunday, July 17

Happy Anniversary

I stopped by Nordstrom's this weekend to pick up some last minute items before my trip next week... and walked in on this season's best sale. First off, Nordstrom's has improved their beauty line-up, now carrying hard-to-find lines like Mario Badescu, Anastasia. And for their anniversary sale, they have a ton of beauty offers such as gift with purchases (I love the Clarins gift!) and this season's limited edition gift sets . (Always a good deal) Here are some of my favorite picks:

Stila Anniversary Set (cool), $40.
Stila always makes great sets, this limited edition set is a preview for their must-have Fall colors. Set includes a two pan eye shadow compact, new kajal eye liner pencil in smokey quartz, promo-size lip glaze in starfruit, midnight bloom eau de parfum sample and all over shimmer powder sample in #6. All packaged in a tweed fabric makeup bag.

Smashbox Prime & Primp Set, $59.
More than just make up, the Smashbox set includes full-size lip and lid primer, mini photo finish primer, layer lash primer, eye shadow trio, blush/softlight duo and lip gloss in a chic tweed bag. (Yup, tweed again.)

Stila Suitable Colors Brush Set, $45.
Stila brush sets are always a good deal... since each brush usually retails for $20-50 a piece. This set includes #1 blush brush, #6 lip brush, #7 precision crease brush, #10 eyebrow brush and #13 one step eyeliner brush. All packaged in an ultra-chic vanity box.

Kiehl’s Anniversary Set, $31.
Set includes Amino Acid Shampoo (4.2 oz.), Crème de Corps (4 oz.), Lip Balm #1 tube, Grapefruit Bath & Shower Liquid Body Cleanser deluxe sample, Vital Sun SPF 30 Lotion deluxe sample, all packaged in a vinyl zip-close bag. Perfect for travel!

M·A·C Tailormade: 6 Warm Eyes, $33.
A mirrored compact fashioned in black and white check fabric, featuring six shades of warm-toned eye shadows including exclusive French Cuff, Classic White, Boutique Brown and Woman of Means as well as popular Honesty and Vex. Includes a 213SE Brush. Limited edition. (Tweed-ish, again.)

And while you are there, don't forget that they have Hanky-Panky's on sale for $11.90 or 3 for $33. (Forget about buying them overpriced at Fred Segal's for $22!)

Also I can't help mentioning that these -super- cute jeans are available on SALE too, at nordstroms.com. (I couldn't find a pair in person!) I love the fit of the Fawcette, and this pair comes with a new pocket design, perfect for Fall!

Antik Denim Fawcette Jeans, $187.00

Prices go up August 1 so hurry ~.~

Thursday, July 14

Online Drooling

I was doing some browsing today ... okay, actually, I was obsessively looking through papparazi pictures (I'll admit it, okay?) and I found some looks/items that I really liked. I know, I know, we're "sick" of seeing pictures of them... but we can't help but go through picture after picture to nitpick, criticize, or in my case, drool over accessories.

Although Sienna tends to dress like a Kate Moss replica, sometimes (less often than not) she comes up with looks that I like. i.e., I love these cropped boots. I believe these pictures were taken several months ago so they can't be the Balenciaga ones from this Fall... or are they?

I'm not sure what it is about this look that I like... maybe it's the hair (before Jessica Simpson (And now sis Ashlee) killed it, or maybe it's the jacket (so cute! Anyone know who it's by?) Or maybe, it's the combination of the tuxedo pants + dressy jacket + simply twiggy necklace and the messy hair. Anyhow, this look is a plus in my book.

No one does shorts like Nicole. Oh and I looove those shoes too.

I love Rachel's Luella bag! Did this style come and go before I even saw it in the stores? I can't find it for the life of me. And I've been looking since January! All I can find is the green apple Gisele style on net-a-porter.com.

Buy it Now!

You've been watching that eBay item in your watch list for a couple of days... and now you have a great reason to go ahead and "Buy it Now!"... well, a sufficient reason at least.

Use these Paypal coupons to save some money on eBay auctions. (I believe some of them expire tomorrow!! So use them fast!)

* $10 off $50 or more - CATLSP051050
* $5 off $50 or more - CATLSP050550
* $15 off $100 or more - CATLSP051500
* 10% off (Max. $25 discount) - CATLSP051025

You can only use each one once, and they only work if you click on the Paypal "Pay Now" button through your eBay auction.

Happy bidding!

Wednesday, July 13

Yay or nay?

Gucci large hobo in royal blue guccissima leather with blue leather trim and horsebit detail.

Expected ship date November 2005. Somebody shoot me!

Friday, July 8

Return of the Paddington

They're almost here! I think the new Paddington's from Fall/Winter '05 actually have a lighter padlock (yay!) that is more prone to scuffing (boo!)... so I haven't decided if this is a good or bad thing :) In general though, the bags seem lighter.

*I love the new barrel shape to the right... especially in this color. (I think it's called Khaki) However, the zipper is very hard to maneuver so you'd probably wear it constantly open. It looks very cute under on the arm but first under the shoulder as well!

*Colors are going darker and bolder for this fall. The lunch box shape to the left is cute- but I haven't seen it yet in person.

*This is the hobo I was talking about in my previous post. (I think) Somehow it looked different in Khaki. Maybe they have 2-3 other hobo styles... the one I saw looked more slouchy.

*Yes... that's a mini!!! :)

Here's the barrel shape again in a darker color, available this winter.

*I also love the new boxy shape (in the middle)... Augh. Which to choose?
There will be a Chloe Fall/Winter Preview at the Nordstrom's at the Grove on July 13. It's a by-invitation-only event, so call ahead to see if they can still get you in. You can preview and special order these bags and anything else from their F/W collection... no more long waitlists! Although you still have to wait til about Oct for the Fall bags and Dec for the Winter bags.

Tuesday, July 5


I hope the shrug trend doesn't end soon. My summer uniform has become tank + shrug + bermuda shorts + heels, and I'd like to add these to the mix.

Ella Moss.

Neiman Marcus Online Sale

My favorite leftovers from Neiman Marcus' Last Call...

Bottega Veneta, Leather D'Orsay, $342.

Emilio Pucci, Beach Tote, $307.

Luella, Small Gisele Hobo, $347.

Christian Louboutin, Seersucker Pump, $339.

Gucci, Mid-Heel Thong, $284.

Marc Jacobs, Small Guinevere Tote, $537.

Lacoste, Canvas Tote, $53.

Sunday, July 3


For the price of a half hour facial at the spa, you can give yourself weekly facials at home for about 2 months. I stick to my favorites for my routine and it really freshens up my skin for the entire week. (It takes about 30 minutes)

(1) Cleanse
This is one of the times I don't mind using the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. I rub it on with my fingers and kind of massage my facial muscles until I'm sure I got every pore. Then I mist my face with the Rose water (smells so good!) and when the oil turns milky I wipe it away with a soft washcloth.

(2) Scrub & Peel
I scrub the vitamin c crystals gently but consistently over my entire face, concentrating on my cheeks and around my mouth area where my skin tends to be the dryest. Then after 2-3 minutes of slowly massaging it on my face, I apply the activation gel liberally all over until I get a warm sensation. Then I leave it on like a mask for 10 minutes. Gently rinse off with lukewarm water.

(3) Mask
An awfully expensive line, but there's a good reason for it. The Facial Treatment Mask drenches your skin in Pitera, and gives you an immediate youthful glow. It boosts radiance and moisture levels immediately and leaves my skin soft to the touch.

(4) Tone
Then I apply this Shu Uemura's Equiwater as a toner, a great way to close up my pores and remove any excess products any of the above items might have left behind.

(5) Purify
Right before I go to sleep I apply Darphin's Purifying Balm all over my forehead, cheeks and throat, skipping over my nose and below my lips, where I tend to be a little oily. This balm corrects problems and brightens your complexion overnight. After using this balm my skin is dewy (but not oily) when I wake up.

(6) On-The-Spot
Then of course there are times when parts of our skin need a little pick-me-up. If it's been an especially stressful or sleep-deprived week I make sure to smooth on some Shu Uemura eye cream. I just dab a little bit on my forefinger and smooth it around my orbital bone, not too close to my actual eye. Someone once taught me that the sensitive eye area will soak up moisture from surrounding skin when it needs it, so smoothing it on to the orbital bone is more effective than dabbing it directly around your eye, which can damage the sensitive skin as well as make the eye area oily. And when I have whiteheads, this is the best time to apply Mario Badescu's drying lotion; it dries out my erupted areas without drying out the rest of my face.

Saturday, July 2

Catch 22

It's a vicious cycle... you can't get a tan without going outdoors and you do not want to go outdoors with those pasty white legs. So here are a few options for you to get a boost before your first tanning session at the beach. (Or on the rooftop of your LA apartment)

*First of all make sure you exfoliate and moisturize really well the day before you decide to go sunless... The stuff in moisturizers can decrease the effectiveness of a sunless tanner if you moisturize right before you put it on.

Darphin Autobronzant - The best self-tanner for the beginner. The cream is light and not tinted- minimizing streaks. The light formula is easy to smooth on and doesn't cake/dry up like most self-tanners do. It takes a few hours for any color to show up so I like to use this after an evening shower and I leave it on overnight. It doesn't stain clothes or sheets- but still go a good 10 minutes before you dress. It looks very natural but can get orange-y on the lightest parts of your body like your wrists the insides of your elbows... rub it in lightly and quickly on these light parts and smooth with a light moisturizer afterwards to soften the effect.

Neutrogena Sunless Spray - The most inexpensive of the bunch, these Neutrogena Sunless Tanning sprays can be found everywhere. They basically have the same idea as the mist-tan you can get at a tanning salon... but it's not quite as easy. Just because it is a spray applicator, it doesn't mean that this is the quicker option. If you go too dark, you can easily get streaks. The mist is clear so it is hard to tell where you've already sprayed (i.e. when you are going around your legs) and if you overlap- well that spot will show up darker. I still think this is the best option for doing your back though... as the back can be pretty hard to reach. However, I'd go with the lightest one (I tried the number 2 and I was streak city) and build up the tan over a few applications. This spray actually looks very natural, minus the streaks.

Michael Kors - This one is more of a perfumed bronzer... and is better for upper body areas before an event (i.e. to even out your neck & chest for a plunging neckline) It does have a bronzer in it so you have to be quick or else you'll get spotting (it dries really fast) This is more of a cosmetic fix and looks better on someone who already has a slightly tanned base; it is too dramatic for right-at-the-end-of-winter white skin.

Clarins Milk - This is the one I'm experimenting with currently. I've only tried it twice- I'm assuming it takes a couple of tries to build color. Next time I'm going to put it on right before I go lay outside in the sun. It has (a tiny bit) of SPF in it so we'll see how the color goes! But so far no streaking and no orange.

Clarins Sun Spray - This is the spray that I used last summer. It's great for building a long-lasting tan and a really good solid color. I've used it before going to the tanning booth (bad, bad! I won't do it again, I promise) but it works especially well when used outdoors. It is more of an oil so it leaves your skin glowing, perfect for laying out by the pool. Don't pack it in your beach bag though.... it's a magnet for sand so it can get pretty icky for beaching.