Friday, July 22

Anniversary Sweetspot Giveaway Contest

Go to to find the answers to the quiz below. Then e-mail them right away to The first 10 people to submit all 10 correct answers will win a prize! I will contact the winners shortly to ask for their mailing addresses.

Fill in the blanks:

(1) What is pH? The pH is organic in nature and is the measure of ________.

(2) Your sweet spot's ideal pH is in the ______ range.

(3) SweetSpot Labs'® products promote optimal sweet spot balance by preventing _________ and __________ and maintaining a complementary pH balance.

(4) The Spot Right! is a ____________ mist.

The 4 available scents are:

(5) Citrus _________

(6) _________ Lavender

(7) Basil ___________

(8) ___________

(9) Which magazine dubbed SweetSpot the "Best New Product" and said, "Unlike soap, they are pH-balanced for this sensitive area, so they won't be irritating"?

(10) How many deluxe-sized gentle wipettes come in the Spot Refresh! ?

Good Luck!

P.S. I also have several sample-sized items that I will send out randomly to anyone that answers the quiz correctly (not including the first 10 winners)... so even if you are late you still have a chance of winning something. :)