Tuesday, July 19

It's my Anniversary!

Speaking of Anniversaries... I just realized it's been exactly one year since I've started this blog!

I wanted to do something FUN to celebrate... so I thought... what's more fun than a giveaway??

Then there was the question of what to give away... and I thought of my absolute favorite 'new discovery' of the moment... SweetSpot products- a luxury line of Intimate Grooming. You've probably read about them in Instyle or Jane magazine... or maybe you've seen their products at your local spa or beauty boutique... in any case, I'm ecstatic that there is finally a product like this created especially for a woman's sweet spot. (After all- do you use toothpaste on your hair... or deoderant on your face?)

I can go on and on about the importance of taking special care of our most sensitive spot... but then I thought I'd let you guys do the work. So on Friday, July 22, 2005 at 12 PM PST, I am going to post a Sweet Spot Quiz. (All of the answers can be found at www.sweetspotlabs.com) The first 10 people to e-mail me with all the correct answers at closettherapy@gmail.com will receive a SweetSpot gift. (see below)

1st Prize - SweetSuite in Citrus Galbanum, valued at $33.

2nd Prize - Eau de Spot in Citrus Galbanum, valued at $22.

3rd - 10th Place - (1) Gentle Wash, Balancing Mist, or On-the-Go Wipettes, valued at $12 each.

So don't forget to come back here on Friday for our Anniversary Contest. :D