Saturday, October 30

Under there?

Somehow our underthings are often neglected... when I shop for a bra I shop for comfort. I want a bra that doesn't feel like I have anything on-- comfortable enough for the entire day, but enough support and coverage for as many outfits as possible.

Once in a while I feel racy and buy a "sexy" lace bra but they always end up unworn because (1) they are usually itchy and (2) actually that's it- they're too itchy. Well now I've found the best of both worlds!

The OnGossamer 24/7 bra has smooth and seamless contour cups that are lined for added comfort and opacity (no show-through). They have sheer mesh sides and back for maximum breathability. The OnGossamer contour bra is the perfect t-shirt bra, it almost disappears under clothing. It fits so perfectly you'll forget you even have anything on!

It also comes in a more feminine version that is trimmed in embroidered tulle. It has floral embroidered shoulder straps and center panel and also comes in a matching embroidered mesh thong. Tres sexy, but still comfortable!

They are also reasonably priced at $42 each.. slightly higher than Victoria's Secret bras but still affordable when compared to other high-end lingerie lines. Well I've bought myself a set in every color- it's time to retire my collection of body by victoria, angels, and all those other uncomfortable underwire bras that VS has to offer!

Thursday, October 28

A well-kept secret.

You don't have to fly all the way to the midwest for a LILL custom bag- they have them available online! We've all been through the search for the perfect bag: the perfect print, color, number of pockets, size, shape... now you can customize all of those options to create an individualized bag just for you at 1154 LILL Studio.

These fun fabric bags come in all shapes: totes, shoulder bags and messenger and you can combine exterior, interior, pocket and strap fabrics to make a bag that is uniquely you. The best part of it? It's reasonably priced too... you can make a school bag, shopping bag, and a going-out-at-night bag and not feel guilty about it.

I have just submitted my own order, when it comes in the mail I'll post up a picture! (And if any of you decide to order one, I'd love to see a pic too!)

Wednesday, October 27

My Lasik Gift

After *finally* getting Lasik surgery, I decided it justified buying a new pair of sunglasses. I've been on the search for a good, trusty pair of basic sunglasses for a long time now.

I'm a sucker for the Gucci "fashion" ones... with the brown/white gradient lenses, then in the summer with their bright blue lenses. The last pair I bought were pink lenses. I would take a picture but I don't have any idea where any of these sunglasses are :)

But anyhow, they were all impulse purchases... the type where they happen to look really good with the outfit you have on while you're shopping... but you end up never wearing again!

So this time I went to Bloomingdale's with a mission: I wanted to find classic black plastic frame sunglasses that I could work in with most of my outfits. I watned something functional. I tried on every pair of Chanel's... sadly it just wasn't meant to be. Most were either too big, too square, or just too retro. Before giving in I decided to give some of the other labels a try. Soon I was trying on every black plastic pair they had to offer: Prada, Gucci, Dior, Armani... finally as a last resort I tried on a pair of Kate Spade.

Now don't get me wrong... it's not that I don't like Kate Spade. I just never really give them a second look when it comes to Sunglasses. It's like D&G... great clothes, even great shoes and bags sometimes... but you don't really think of D&G when you think of sunglasses do you?

Anyway, I found the perfect pair and I'm pretty happy with them. They were very reasonably priced too!

I do have one qualm though: the lens is actually a gradient lens so it doesnt really, really block out sunlight. =D Oh well.

Monday, October 25

Fashion drought

Except for the few days last week where the chilly rain allowed me to finally bring out some of my winter clothes, I've been in a fashion drought. The weather seems to still be stuck in summer mode and I've put my winter shopping to a halt.

Instead, this weekend I chose to concentrate on home dressing... I went to every possible home store (Pottery Barn, Home Depot, Expo, Restoration Hardware, Z Gallerie to name a few) and bought furniture!

But now that my home project is coming to a close... my mind is starting to wander back to accessories. The newness of my Luella bag has worn off and I've migrated back to my "comfort bag" a large blue cloth Da-Nang hobo bag with lots of pockets. I'm now on the prowl for another "everyday" bag. Something a little bit more upscale than my beat-up Danang. I keep gravitating towards the LV Speedy bags (either monogram or white multi-colore) but as soon as I go out and public and see the number of fakes out there it discourages me. What other line of bags has a durable leather that can take a beating? I know this probably rules out Chanel, Prada, and Gucci. Maybe MJ? Maybe when the new store opens on Melrose, I'll swing by and take a look.

Monday, October 11

Getting ready...

Doing last minute things to get ready for my first warehouse sale ever!

Here are some pictures of the clothes we've hung up so far:

Here is the link to the website again:
I just updated it so please visit!

Wednesday, October 6

pass it on

be a friend, tell a friend. share the joy. warehouse sale, oct 17th. 70% off marc jacobs, bcbg, theory, juicy, blah blah too much to mention. and, we take plastic!

for info and directions:
please share with all your friends :) this is seriously going to be THE shopping event of the year so please, be prepared.

thanks, sheena.

p.s. if you are a boy, kindly forward this message to girls. esp those who love to shop. thanks :D

p.p.s. this is my first ever event/warehouse sale so if u have any suggestions, please do comment =)