Friday, July 30

Fall Shopping

Things I'm lusting after:

Gucci, $695

Marc Jacobs, $2,950

Miu Miu, $490

La Mer, $1,2000 (I need that full tub, baby!)

Lizzie Scheck, $375

Louis Vuitton, $870

Marc Jacobs, $950

Manolo Blahnik, $1050

Alexander McQueen

Things I need (want) for fall:

Gap, $68

Prada, $138

Nanette Lepore, $460

Isabella Fiore, $88

Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, $495

James Jeans, $136

Thursday, July 29

Updates on the site

This entire thing is still a work in progress... haven't come up with a "look" that I like for the site yet, so this blog template is temporary until I get some creative inspiration.

But for now I've added a much better commenting system.. that way y'all can comment on the post that you want, without having to log in or anything. You can pick a username or just comment anonymously. Just click on the comments link below each post. Try it out! :-)

Or, of course if you have a general remark you can always use the chatter box :)

Are headbands in?

Oh, who cares. These were too cute.

Despite my no-shopping-until-September rule I made yesterday after the shoe splurge, I went back to Barneys New York. Well- I had a good reason! They forgot to include the shoe bags for the Manolos... I decided to do a quick run through of the main floor ONLY- and I found these cutie headbands on sale :-D Who was I kidding... I knew that rule would be short-lived anyway!

I got two, both by Jennifer Ouellette. The first is like the picture above but in black. The second is the same also, but without the ties and in peach. I really like the peach one. Since I have black hair I think it pops out. Oh I'm glad I have bangs now :)

Wednesday, July 28


I originally wanted this blog to be a little bit anonymous... to be just about my shopping obsession. But I couldn't resist. I have to show off my babies!

Moley + Lulu

P.S. Just bought a bunch of sorbet-colored baby t-shirts, ribbon, and pin-on flowers. Hopefully as soon as I get a little bit of free time I'm gonna sew up some doggie couture for lulu. =)

That "new shoe" smell...

Who knew shoes could be so fun! Okay, okay, *I* never realized shoes could be so fun ^.^ Actually, I was never a big "shoe" person- just a casual Via Spiga heels for going out type of person, but strictly flip flops the rest of the time. (I'm all about comfort) But, since today was the last day of the Barneys sale, and I had to go buy bridesmaid shoes for Soo's wedding, I decided to stop by & see what Mr. Blahnik & Mr. Choo had to offer.


I've always wanted to wear pointy/closed-toe shoes, but being a size 9, 9 1/2, I gave up after the first few pairs made me look like the wicked witch of the west. But today not only did I find the perfect pink satin pair for the wedding, I also found a pair of leather Prada's with a lower heel... perfect for jeans! Actually as soon as I came home I tried them both on with jeans and they looked great. Also I found a cute pair of Marc Jacob black heels. I was iffy about the white stitching at first... but then I realized they match my Luella. ^.^ And I've been looking for the perfect pair of heels to wear with my "Rachel Pally" pants, and these go really well.

Then came the overwhelming fear of paying for the shoes... did I really need 3 pairs of shoes, at the same time? Well I absolutely needed the bridesmaid shoes, that's the main reason I went to Barney's in the first place! And I've been looking for a pair of black heels since I've had to retire my old ones, and these make my legs look long and my feet look small. And the Pradas look so good with jeans! I've been looking for a pair of dressy shoes to wear with jeans.

So I decided I couldn't part with any of them and brought the whole entourage home. I guess this isn't a big deal to most people, but I've *never* spent that much on shoes before. Actually I beat up my shoes pretty badly so I've never justified spending more than $150 on a pair of shoes [since they usually last me at most a month] but these were so pretty.

Tuesday, July 27

Wearing Today: "Work"

Foley Lingerie Top
Paper Denim & Cloth New Retro Jeans
Steve Madden White Heels
Botkier Trigger Bag in White

Monday, July 26

Soap Break

Any dool fans out there? I've been following Days of Our Lives here and there since probably the 8th grade, but it wasn't until recently, when I got my Tivo, that I started watching every episode. Anyways there was a favorite outfit that I saw on Belle [the original Belle... not the new ugly one with retarded lips]- when she was complaining to Philip about Shawn leaving. She's wearing a tiered halter top which looked more like a tube top with two strings that started at the middle of the bust and went behind the neck. I think it was the scene where she has long extensions in her hair. I thought the top was really cute.. anyone know who its by? I want one! In terms of fashion she's probably my favorite on the show. Once in a while Nicole wears cute clothes but she's mostly too Bebe for me.

I also watch Passions- I really like Whitney's style on there. Of course it probably had something to do with the fact that she has an awesome body: she has incredibly toned shoulders and arms that she shows off with off-shoulder tops and halter tops. But I love the color pallettes they put on her, whether neutrals or bright colors.

Short Shopping Trip

Well after the poll I posted on Lux yesterday, it looked like my new purchase would be Rachel Pally pants. After school I made a quick stop at Fred Segal, since the website said they carried it at Fred Segal Trend. Unfortunately, they no longer carry her line and are still debating renewing it for next season. So instead I consoled myself with a couple of treats:

I normally use MOR Sugar Scrub in Green Tea but this time they were out of stock. The salesguy recommended this line for a good exfoliating scrub that won't break down while you're using it. Plus it doesn't have as much oil content as the normal sugar scrubs do, so hopefully this will make my skin feel smoother. It smells good! Gonna test it tonight.

A couple of weeks ago I saw Frederic Fekkai's Creme Luxueuse at Sephora and it reminded me of the craze last Christmas when Oprah had it on her show. (A $65 bottle was selling for $110 on eBay!) So I decided to test it and it felt and smelled sooo good. I knew that this would be my next lotion to try once I run out of my Kiehl's, but I couldn't part with $65 for that little bottle. Today I saw the lotion alternative with the same ingredients with a lighter formula and a more affordable price. I've never tried anything but Frederic Fekkai hair products so I'm going to try this one first and if I like it then I'll buy the Creme Luxueuse the next time. (BTW- anyone who's tried this creme, please feel free to comment & let me know how you like it!)

Wearing Today: School + Shopping

This is the first time I've taken a pic of an outfit... :-P but I was bored this morning + woke up early so... oh and don't mind the messy bed.

2 C&C California Tanks (Tie-dye blue, Yellow)
Black Asymmetrical cotton skirt with tiers in the back from Urban Outfitters
Royal Blue Converse

Sunday, July 25

Juicy Attraction

What is it with these Juicy bags that are so attractive? When the first season of bags came out at Bloomingdale's Century City, I spent 10 minutes just looking up at the wall, eyeing each one. The different shapes, colors, details, they all have this "something" that lures your attention to check out each one.

The thing is- they just compel me to look, not to buy. But everytime I pass by Bloomingdale's I always pause to look at each one, see which ones they have left, which new ones were introduced. I don't want one, I wouldn't carry one, and I won't buy one. But why are they so fun to look at?

I guess that's the very definition of eye candy, isn't it?

Wearing today: Sunday Movies

C&C tank in the bright green layered under a yellow s/s lowback top.
Black Seven cropped pants.
Black Juicy flip-flops.
NARS eyeshadow in Dreamlover.

Saturday, July 24

Cecilia De Bucourt Shawl

Is there not ANY store left in LA that has these in stock? I feel kind of silly wanting something after Jessica Simpson wore it out on Newlyweds, but the new colors are just so yummy. I really like Jess's new one too. I want one I can wear with jeans, but a shawl is not an ideal midsummer purchase in LA. Especially one that is $200+. Maybe in August one will turn up on eBay...

Friday, July 23

Shopping Report: Nordstroms Rack

Got a tip on a C&C California shipment to socal Nordstrom Rack's. I called the one in the Hughes Promenade to ask about it- the saleslady said "Wow they just came in this morning, how did you know about it?" Muhahaha.

I arrived in the store within the hour and snatched up 6 sorbet colors... lime tank, pink tank, blue tie-dye tank, yellow tank, yellow short sleeve scoop, and a teal blue bell sleeve. I just can't resist a good deal. Plus when you think about it... that's uhm, ... 30 different combinations of 2 layers each. Wait, is that right? (n-1)!... oh, whatever. Everyone knows C&C on sale anywhere is worth it.

They also had a great rack of jeans... Blue Cult, Miss Sixty, and Paper Denim... mostly in size 25, 26. Damnit. Even if I pulled a Mary Kate (or was it Ashley) and reduced myself to bones I couldn't fit into a size 25 pant.

Wednesday, July 21

Vacation Shopping

Everyone knows vacation shopping isn't really shopping, hence should not be counted within one's normal shopping budget. Well, if you are keeping a budget that is. So with this in mind, on my last vacation, I made reservations at a swanky downtown hotel not for the view, not for its amenities, not even for its 'heavenly' bed... but because it was 1 block away from Louis Vuitton.

I had my vacation goal set: I was going to get me a Speedy 25. Or even a 30. I hadn't even made up my mind yet. Well after 2 inconclusive visits into the vuitton store, I found myself in Neiman Marcus drooling over the Luella Bartley bag. I never really thought about getting one, and I never saw one I liked in person because Fred Segal only had the large green ones left. Today must have been my lucky day though, because there was a huge display of pinks and whites and oranges and greens... and wow the black is cute. Hey the black is really cute.

So my commonsense decision of buying a Speedy (in hopes that it would last longer than my white botkier trigger bag) wiltered away and I came home with my new Luella. (except in black)

Thursday, July 15

A Daily Routine

In honor of my weekly Sephora trip, I've decided to dedicate this entry to my
obsession with beauty products. I've tried and tested products in all areas and
found the best and the worst of everything. Here is a list of my current daily
routine for the Spring/Summer, in order of application:

Blisslabs Lemon Sage Soapy Sap

Shower gel, great for the bath also! I love the fresh lemon+sage
scent along with the brisk lather is produces in your loofah.


Kiehl's Creme de Corps

This super-enriched, nourishing
treatment with Beta-Carotene has been my long time favorite. It is a bit
heavy and takes a little longer to soak in, but worth the wait! No scent.


Frederic Fekkai Technician Shampoo & Conditioner

I just love the way this smells. :) Makes your hair
feel healthy and strong.


Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream 

You know how your hair looks best the day after you
wash it? Get that look right after you shower with this cream. It uses
olive oil to give you shine and manageability and it smells good too.


Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser

I just love foam pumps.


Kiehl's Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner

Does not smell good (at all) but leaves your skin
feeling amazingly fresh and smooth.


NARS Make-Up Primer

No matter what type of foundation, tinted moisturizer,
or powder you use, this is a must-have before make-up application to make
your skin look smooth and your make-up look natural. Smells good too.


Murad Oil-Free Sunblock Sheer Tint SPF 15 

Very sheer. I bought this originally thinking it was a
moisturizer, which it's not. But for "normal" skin it works just as well
and has SPF too.


La Mer The Lip Balm

I just love the way this smells (or tastes?) and it leaves your lips
feeling soft & plump. Doesn't last long (cos I keep licking it off?) but
it feels so good!


NARS The Multiple in Palm Beach

Flattering on just about all skin shades, I use this
when I'm pale, when I'm a little bit tan, and it is so easy! Just apply &
blend, and you got yourself an instant tan ;).


NARS Blush in Orgasm

This shade is also flattering on all skin shades, and
gives you just the right amount of glow. Layer over the multiple for a
glowing bronze.


LORAC Eye Shadow Trio in Love Triangle

Perfect shades for summer in colors that don't compete
with each other. Use the lightest pink to highlight and blend with the
bronze to create depth.


Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Gives you perfectly curled lashes every time, and it
just doesn't break no matter how much abuse it goes through in my make-up


IMX Custom Mixed Lip Gloss

I discovered this custom lip gloss at Fred Segal's in
Santa Monica and I'm in LOVE with my peachy melon. I chose a peach base
with a little bit of gloss and mixed it with a melon scent. They also give
you a cool speedpass-like keychain in case you need to come back for


YvesSaintLaurent In Love Again

A lush blend of fresh fruits, soft, watery florals, and sexy musk
kissed with sandalwood. Smells fresh and not too girly.


H2O Plus Hand and Nail Cream

I bring this hand lotion everywhere, it is lightweight, non-greasy
and works right away to soften hands. Silk protein and vitamin E help nourish
nails and cuticles.