Wednesday, July 21

Vacation Shopping

Everyone knows vacation shopping isn't really shopping, hence should not be counted within one's normal shopping budget. Well, if you are keeping a budget that is. So with this in mind, on my last vacation, I made reservations at a swanky downtown hotel not for the view, not for its amenities, not even for its 'heavenly' bed... but because it was 1 block away from Louis Vuitton.

I had my vacation goal set: I was going to get me a Speedy 25. Or even a 30. I hadn't even made up my mind yet. Well after 2 inconclusive visits into the vuitton store, I found myself in Neiman Marcus drooling over the Luella Bartley bag. I never really thought about getting one, and I never saw one I liked in person because Fred Segal only had the large green ones left. Today must have been my lucky day though, because there was a huge display of pinks and whites and oranges and greens... and wow the black is cute. Hey the black is really cute.

So my commonsense decision of buying a Speedy (in hopes that it would last longer than my white botkier trigger bag) wiltered away and I came home with my new Luella. (except in black)