Tuesday, February 22

Beauty School

Attention girls! It's almost time for Neiman Marcus' beauty event. Suppress your Sephora urges until March 3-9.

This year's beauty gift includes:
FRESH Rice Sake Bath 35ml & Sake Eau de Parfum Scent Card
ACQUA DI PARMA Iris Nobile Eau de Toilette 2ml
GUCCI Envy Me Eau de Toilette 1.7ml
MOLTON BROWN Heavenly Gingerlily Bath & Shower Gel 1oz
ORLANE PARIS High Definition Firming Cream 3.5ml
DARPHIN PARIS Stimulskin Plus Eye Contour Cream 3.5ml
YVES SAINT LAURENT Touche Eclat packette in Luminous Radiance
CLINIQUE CX Rapid Recover Cream .14oz
KIEHL'S Creme de Corps 1oz
NATURA BISSE Glyco-Peeling 25% 6ml
MICHAEL KORS Shimmering Self Tanner .5oz
LANCOME PARIS Mascara in Black .09oz
... all in an NM printed tote in black, mint green, or pink.

I can't wait! So many things I'm looking at right now or thinking to buy are samples included in this... I've been looking for an eye cream... looks like I can try the Orlane or Darphin one. I've also wanted to try YSL's Touche Eclat since I started using the Dior Skinflash so this is another plus. Kiehl's Lotion sample will be great for a purse carry and also I've been looking for a good peel to rejuvenate my skin and the Natura Bisse one is included. The Kors tanner will be great to get me in the mood for Spring and also I -love- Gucci's Envy Me so that sample is a plus too.

Now it's just time to think about the $85 I need to spend to get this gift...
Maybe a Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer refill, maybe Gucci Envy Me fragrance set? Or maybe Jo Malone's silky body creme in Lime Basil & Mandarin. Maybe some eye cream or new eye color from Nars.

I can't wait.

Thursday, February 17

Vuitton vs. Mulberry

For the past couple of weeks I've been debating over these two bags....

The Mulberry Roxanne... Just starting to get the coverage it deserves here in the US.... however I wanted the yellow and all I can seem to find is the aqua, red and oak. I love the utility of having a lot of pockets, but I was iffy on the size because it seemed a little too big for a shoulder bag. I like that the bag is muted and doesn't scream a designer name, but it has its own distinct look and style. Plus the leather is a perfect, sturdy matte leather.

So I started leaning towards the Louis Vuitton Manhattan... I've been wanting an LV monogram bag but I haven't liked any of the shapes until I saw this one. I love the pockets and Marc Jacobs styling but I wasn't sure that I wanted a tote- I need a bag I can sling over my shoulders. Still I decided to hold out for this bag- until I found out that the release date is sometime in April but might be pushed back (like the rest of the limited edition line from the Spring runway) and the list starts now. Well I got my name on the list but I needed a bag to satisfy my craving NOW.

So on Tuesday I decided to stop by Barney's to see if (maybe) they had the Mulberry in Yellow in stock. And that's when I saw it.

Wait... could it be? If any of you live in LA you can vouch for the fact that Barney's NEVER has any regular-sized Balenciaga bags in stock. They usually only have the small clutches and evening metallic bags... and once in a while an oversized bag. And I've been dying for the twiggy (kind of like a duffle bag) since I saw a black one back in December... and I've never seen another one since then. I was iffy on the color at first but the more I looked at it the more I fell in love with it. Plus this was a great way to solve the tote vs. shoulder bag conflict! This was my chance and I took it :)

As I was paying for it, I asked the SP... "You guys never have the regular sizes in stock, when did you get this in?"

He told me that they actually got them in on the Friday before but they were saving them for Demi Moore who was upstairs. They showed them all to her and brought the extras (5 bags left) down literally 30 seconds before I walked in and grabbed the last one.


BCBG Cardi-wraps

LA weather has been going from cold to sunny within a matter of hours. The best way to keep warm? I've been addicted to these BCBG Cardigan wraps~ they're great as a light cardigan during the day, and make a cozy wrap for nighttime.

So far I've collected them in sage green, dark blue, peach and black. I also have a cropped one in teal. They come in cotton, silk blends, wool blends, cashmere blends and pure cashmere. So far I've noticed that the wool + silk blend pills the most! So stay away from this one. But the cotton+ silk seems to be okay.

I love to wear the regular length over jeans or even over sweats. They are easy to dress up for nighttime too. I usually wrap the left over the front under the right arm and the right side I toss over my left shoulder. You can also add a brooch to secure the wrap but the fabrics are so delicate I wouldn't use a brooch unless you have decided to permanently use one (as the hole can probably stretch).

The cropped ones are cute to wrap around or you can tie them in the front. I have the teal color so I usually like to wear contrasting colors underneath like baby blue or yellow.

They are so versatile... here are other ways to wear:

Thursday, February 10

Barneys Warehouse Sale!

Started today ~.~ This time around I noticed that they started doing TV commercials as well as even more billboards... so just as expected the Santa Monica Airport Hangar was packed!

I made a small score... I found some shoes to start off spring! I really wanted to find slip-on sandals that gave me a little bit of lift and these two were the perfect pairs!

Christian Louboutin ~ $155
Costume National ~ $115
both retailed for over $400!

The only other things I picked up were some Rogan T-Shirts.

If you are thinking of hitting up the sale, here are some things that I noticed:
~ Lots and lots of Marc Jacobs jackets, circa Spring 2004, starting at $139
~ A ton of Diane vonFurstenberg silk tank tops and dresses in "leftover" prints $49 and up
~ Theory basic pants in black, charcoal and brown at around $99 each
~ A lot of tweed and wool coats, mostly the Barney's private label brand

The shoes section was packed with lots of great finds, although I think most of the good stuff was in the 8 & 81/2 section. The 91/2 + section was pretty bare :( They had a lot of really nice boots by Manolo Blahnik and Prada and some sexy basic black shoes by Narciso Rodriguez.

Accessories were a bore, just a place to dump some really bad quality private label Marc Jacobs knock-off bags.

Saturday, February 5

Underground Denim

Today was my first time going to Underground Denim, a denim-based warehouse sale where you can find all the newest & hottest names in denim. UD does kind of a college tour so no matter where you are, chances are there will be a UD sale near you very soon! I took a sneak peek at their upcoming schedule for the next few months and they are hitting up a lot of college campuses nationwide.

Why you'll go: Because you're tired of hearing "Nordstrom Rack just got a new shipment of Sevens!" and by the time you arrive there is only one left in a size 24. Because you can never own too many pairs of jeans. Because with the speed of fashion these days, who pays retail? And lastly, of course, you love to brag to your friends how you scored at a secret underground warehouse sale.

What you'll find: They normally have a lot of Chip & Pepper, True Religion, James Jeans and Rock & Republic. They also have Yanuk jeans and cords but in limited numbers. They also carry smaller labels like AG or J&Co. Lastly they have some Seven jeans but in an even more limited number. All denim are $74 a pair. In addition, they have tops by Splendid, Seven and R&R ($15-25) and skirts by True Religion & Chip & Pepper. Get there early. Community dressing rooms. They also have a good selection of TR, C&P, and R&R for men.

What I found: I found a pair of True Religion Destroyed jeans. (yay!) However, it took me going through 4 pairs before I found a decent pair. One had a broken zipper, one had a large run on the leg, and another had a rip up the hem. The one I stuck with seemed to be in tip-top shape except for some of the frays (in the destroyed part) were loose. I would have stayed and shopped some more but lately there have been too much James Jeans, Yanuk, and Chip & Pepper going on sale everywhere so I've gotten pretty sick of seeing them.

Tips & Advice: All these jeans for $74??? There must be a catch! Actually, there is. Things that sound too good to be true, usually are. :) Even though all of the denim they carry are authentic, they are able to price them cheaply because they are all seconds, or irregulars. IRR's can encompass anything from holes in the fabric to broken zippers. Most of them were pretty bad damages (the kind you can't pull off as regular, even if you get them fixed) but if you spend enough time there you can find some decent jeans. My suggestion: after you find a style you like, grab 3 or 4 and TRY THEM ON until you find a perfect pair. Sometimes you won't see the holes or the dye stains (which are sometimes in really obscure spots, like the crotch) that you won't see until you try them on. Also trying them on is a good way to test out the zipper and the buttons. Remember~ 100% of their items are irregulars or damages so be careful! All sales are final (they are usually just a 1 day event) and nothing is worse than finding a hole in the jeans 10 minutes before you're about to wear them out.

Where to go?: The only way to find out if Underground Denim will be visiting your city is to sign up to their mailing list online. Go to www.undergrounddenim.com.