Thursday, February 10

Barneys Warehouse Sale!

Started today ~.~ This time around I noticed that they started doing TV commercials as well as even more billboards... so just as expected the Santa Monica Airport Hangar was packed!

I made a small score... I found some shoes to start off spring! I really wanted to find slip-on sandals that gave me a little bit of lift and these two were the perfect pairs!

Christian Louboutin ~ $155
Costume National ~ $115
both retailed for over $400!

The only other things I picked up were some Rogan T-Shirts.

If you are thinking of hitting up the sale, here are some things that I noticed:
~ Lots and lots of Marc Jacobs jackets, circa Spring 2004, starting at $139
~ A ton of Diane vonFurstenberg silk tank tops and dresses in "leftover" prints $49 and up
~ Theory basic pants in black, charcoal and brown at around $99 each
~ A lot of tweed and wool coats, mostly the Barney's private label brand

The shoes section was packed with lots of great finds, although I think most of the good stuff was in the 8 & 81/2 section. The 91/2 + section was pretty bare :( They had a lot of really nice boots by Manolo Blahnik and Prada and some sexy basic black shoes by Narciso Rodriguez.

Accessories were a bore, just a place to dump some really bad quality private label Marc Jacobs knock-off bags.