Thursday, February 17

BCBG Cardi-wraps

LA weather has been going from cold to sunny within a matter of hours. The best way to keep warm? I've been addicted to these BCBG Cardigan wraps~ they're great as a light cardigan during the day, and make a cozy wrap for nighttime.

So far I've collected them in sage green, dark blue, peach and black. I also have a cropped one in teal. They come in cotton, silk blends, wool blends, cashmere blends and pure cashmere. So far I've noticed that the wool + silk blend pills the most! So stay away from this one. But the cotton+ silk seems to be okay.

I love to wear the regular length over jeans or even over sweats. They are easy to dress up for nighttime too. I usually wrap the left over the front under the right arm and the right side I toss over my left shoulder. You can also add a brooch to secure the wrap but the fabrics are so delicate I wouldn't use a brooch unless you have decided to permanently use one (as the hole can probably stretch).

The cropped ones are cute to wrap around or you can tie them in the front. I have the teal color so I usually like to wear contrasting colors underneath like baby blue or yellow.

They are so versatile... here are other ways to wear: