Thursday, February 17

Vuitton vs. Mulberry

For the past couple of weeks I've been debating over these two bags....

The Mulberry Roxanne... Just starting to get the coverage it deserves here in the US.... however I wanted the yellow and all I can seem to find is the aqua, red and oak. I love the utility of having a lot of pockets, but I was iffy on the size because it seemed a little too big for a shoulder bag. I like that the bag is muted and doesn't scream a designer name, but it has its own distinct look and style. Plus the leather is a perfect, sturdy matte leather.

So I started leaning towards the Louis Vuitton Manhattan... I've been wanting an LV monogram bag but I haven't liked any of the shapes until I saw this one. I love the pockets and Marc Jacobs styling but I wasn't sure that I wanted a tote- I need a bag I can sling over my shoulders. Still I decided to hold out for this bag- until I found out that the release date is sometime in April but might be pushed back (like the rest of the limited edition line from the Spring runway) and the list starts now. Well I got my name on the list but I needed a bag to satisfy my craving NOW.

So on Tuesday I decided to stop by Barney's to see if (maybe) they had the Mulberry in Yellow in stock. And that's when I saw it.

Wait... could it be? If any of you live in LA you can vouch for the fact that Barney's NEVER has any regular-sized Balenciaga bags in stock. They usually only have the small clutches and evening metallic bags... and once in a while an oversized bag. And I've been dying for the twiggy (kind of like a duffle bag) since I saw a black one back in December... and I've never seen another one since then. I was iffy on the color at first but the more I looked at it the more I fell in love with it. Plus this was a great way to solve the tote vs. shoulder bag conflict! This was my chance and I took it :)

As I was paying for it, I asked the SP... "You guys never have the regular sizes in stock, when did you get this in?"

He told me that they actually got them in on the Friday before but they were saving them for Demi Moore who was upstairs. They showed them all to her and brought the extras (5 bags left) down literally 30 seconds before I walked in and grabbed the last one.