Friday, October 28

Go Barefoot

Rotten day?

Stressful week?

Whatever your ailment, I highly recommend a long bubble bath then an evening wrapped in bliss. In a barefoot dreams robe, that is.

I have been eyeing this robe forever. But who can justify a $130 robe? Certainly not someone who has about an hour of robe-wearable time in the evenings between my night shower and going to bed. But have you felt how soft this robe is? I mean, really. There are a lot of knock-offs out there and this is the softest one. Not to mention this is the only one guaranteed to stay soft after numerous washes. (Unlike other knock-off brands that tend to shrink, pill or stiffen up after the first wash)

Also available, the plush throw.

I can't think of a better self-gift for this winter. =)

Thursday, October 27

Orla Kiely

I need help. I want need must have this Orla Kiely yoga bag.

Fortunately, it is on sale from 99 GBP to 50 GBP. (approx. $90)

UNfortunately, shipping's a grip at $63 to the United States.

That is just wrong.

Plain wrong.

Wednesday, October 26

ID Anyone?

Cute bag... anyone know who it's by? Looks so familiar...

Still Hunting..

Due to the overwhelming responses I've received with the Ugg Uptown boots I've posted earlier, I've crossed them off my list of contenders for this season's "casual boot".

So... whaddya think?

*Please don't bombard me with comments like "Noooo! Not Sienna Miller!" I've put up this picture for the sole reason that these boots are not released yet and she happens to be the only picture I can find of someone wearing these boots, and I wanted to show y'all the proportion of the boot when someone actually wears them.

In the Cocoon

Finally! Cooler weather in LA. Although it isn't quite "coat" weather yet, we can finally start wearing cardigans to dinner at night. Enter Christopher Fischer's sumptuously soft cashmere cocoon jacket. A shawl collar to keep you warm and low arm openings for a snuggly fit that hides upper arm bulkiness, if needed.

in Port, $395.

in Black, $395.

A more wallet-friendly alternative? Try Anthropologie's cobweb cardigan. Although this one sports full-length sleeves, the oversized body and shawl collar will still give you the "snuggle" effect.

Cobweb Cardigan,

Sunday, October 23

Sunday, 9AM - 5PM.
October 23, 2005.

Holiday Inn Costa Mesa
Plaza Ballroom
3131 S. Bristol St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(Just west of the South Coast Plaza) to RSVP.

Friday, October 21

Tara Subkoff for Easy Spirit

Now high fashion doesn't necessarily mean we have to sacrifice our heels and toes. Tara Subkoff (former designer for Imitation of Christ) has taken up the challenge to create beautiful Frenchy shoes with comfort in mind.

Dola Kid Suede Pumps, $295.
Finally a pair of pumps that are comfortable enough for work and play in a classic shape (very Louboutin-esque) that will match just about anything.

Aralyn Gladiator Sandals, $170.
Pair with some white Da-Nang utility cropped pants. Or heather-grey Saint Grace wide leg pants.

Rhene Perforated Skimmers, $170.
Go vintage and pair these flats with some scrunchy, dark, straight leg jeans.

Elease Fold-Down Boots, $695.
Go rock-star with some cuffed up Rock & Republic jeans or go demure and pair with a flared knee-length skirt or a crisp shirt dress.

Sunday, October 16

Recent Additions... my denim wardrobe.

No but really, I will not be adding ANY more jeans to my closet. Seriously, this has got to stop. These are the last four pairs for this season.

*edit: I meant 5 pairs.

Hudson triangle pocket in antique.
Believe it or not, I do not own any Hudson triangle-pockets yet! Well, except for my bermuda shorts, but they are not full length so they don't count! This pair is new for Fall... a dark stretch denim with contrast big white stitching and twisted inseam. Sound familiar? Even the Hudson reps dubbed this pair as the "True Religion" fit at the recent Project denim show in Vegas. These are comfy, slimming and have a 32-33" inseam... perfect to wear with flip-flops and flats!

Antik Denim with mismatched logo pockets.
I think way back when I might've mentioned this pair when I first saw them in the Nordstrom's catalog. Although Antik jeans tend to be stiff and uncomfortable, I love the way they make my legs look longer and thighs look slimmer. (Something about the double inseam)

Antik Denim with floral embroidery.
Something about the red/orange/yellow stitching in these jeans got me. At first glance these jeans were too loud for my taste but after I tried them on... well... didn't want to take them off. I love pockets that don't match. And I love the colorful whipstitching at the bottom.

Taverniti SO courtney jean in vintage resin.
Here's a brand I've ignored at first because most of their styles tend to be skinny tapered legs. Saw the patch, loved the novelty belt loops so I gave them a test drive... and I was surprised to see how flattering these were on! They are a tad bit long, but not long enough to hem up. I pair them with my tallest heels and they really make my legs look miles long. Something about the whiskering and distressing around the thigh.

Frankie B. rosarito jean in iris.
I've been eyeing these jeans forever! I'm not normally a fan of Frankie B's dangerously low 3" rise, but how can you say no to these cutie back pockets. One thing I can't get used to: Frankie B.'s super flared legs tend to look 5 years too young for me so I decided to cut off the legs, taper 'em, and cuff them up to look like folded up capri's. I'm picking them up on Saturday from the tailor so wish me luck! (I'm not sure he understood my plans for alteration)

And the piece de resistance... my first pair of boots, ever! I've given up on the Chloe's (a WAITLIST for shoes?? I'm not ready for that...) and the slightly metallic Marc's were much too metallic for me. I was leaning towards Jimmy's flat boots... but my legs are definitely not long enough (nor are my calves thin enough) to pull those off. Literally. They were pretty tight.

And one day while I was at Satine in search of "the world's comfiest ballet flat" I saw...

Oh geez I'd been drooling over these Balenciaga Boots since put it in their F/W accessories report! I put them on hold and spent 4 heart-wrenching days deliberating over the purchase. Then on Saturday I panicked (what if they sold my boots?), went back, and bought them.

Saturday, October 15

Everyone Worth Knowing... Not Worth Reading

Finally done!

It is a bad sign that it took me a week and a half to finally finish this book. (I can read through a Sophie Kinsella in about 3 hours).

First of all, I have to mention that the storyline is a familiar one: In New York, a working-class plain Jane is befriended by socialites who make it their project to introduce her into their new-moneyed world of designer clothing, trend-of-the-moment nightclubs and spoiled rich boys. After a crash course in this new scene, Jane is now unknowingly chic and gorgeous and scores a particularly jackass prince of a boyfriend, all the while she tries to ignore the cute but working-class but working-hard boy under her nose who turns out to be her soulmate. Of course Jane always has a couple of sidekicks: her best friend from college, a rare Park Avenue princess who is down to earth and rejects the New York social scene (against her mother's wishes), and either a friend, stylist, uncle or someone or the other that is flamboyantly gay, fabulous, whiny and, well, a b*tch.

I can name you 3 books within the last year with this same storyline but slightly different details. Okay make that 5. But that's why we read chick lit, right? Unfortunately this novel seems too affected and too scripted compared to her last one (The Devil Wears Prada). There was incessant name-dropping... I actually had to pause during my reading to reflect on this. Is it because I've read so much chick lit and tabloids that I feel like there was too much product and people placement? (Birkin, Page Six, Grey Goose, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton) No, I'm pretty sure it was because it was done in a tactless and very predictable way. In fact the entire book was predictable. Within the first 10-20 pages you pretty much have all the characters figured out, you know who she will end up with and you can guess all of the conflicts and even the twists.
So anyhow, to keep this short, my take on this book is:: "SKIP"

Thursday, October 13

Daily Routine

I've added a new info box in the left column called "Daily Routine"

This box will highlight which products I use in my "Daily Routine"

When I run out, switch, change preferences or add anything new, I will add it to my "Daily Routine"

And obviously, not everything in my "Daily Routine" is literally used daily. For instance, I don't use my scrub nor facial peel daily. But for simplicity's sake, this is just a guideline. Also notice I do not write the full names of every product in the little box because, well, it wouldn't fit. You are going to have to click through to view the specific product.

And also I'd like to define the "skip" in the "moisturizer" section. I have a very moisture enriching toner as well as a very moisture-ful SPF. And on the days I wear make-up, I use Stila's tinted moisturizer (which is really just a fancy name for 'foundation'). The only time my face is ever really dry is after I use a soapy cleanser. So for these reasons I do not use a regular moisturizer.

Monday, October 10

Addicted to Shu's

In my neverending quest to try ever Shu Uemura product on this earth, (I even made my sister who is visiting Japan promise me to get limited-only-to-Japan stuff) I picked up a couple of new items this past weekend.

Turns out I've been using the wrong toner all this time. (Shame on you, Barney's woman) I've been using the Equiwater but since I do not have oily skin I should have been using the Nanowater. But no worries, there is now a Superwater! Okay, it's actually the ß-G Reinforcing Cosmetic Water which has anti-oxidant protection as well as firming properties. Sounds good to me! This "water" is more of a light gel... which is weird at first to use as a toner but it tones the skin well.

This was an impulse purchase. (Darn those little jars of treats on the counters I... cannot... resist...) But the lady said (yes, I am easily swayed) that it will moisten my lips, get rid of those little lines you get when your lips are chapped, make them more plump and all without a waxy residue. That sold me. (Yes, I'm easy) I like that it absorbs fast and leaves this light, matte texture on my lips. It also has a hint of sweetness.

Then as a last super-duper impulse purchase (seriously, they need to stop displaying products by the cashier, it really is a dirty trick) I bought this palette to house all of my shu eyeshadows. Okay, I'll admit... I was worried that I didn't have enough shadows to fill into the palette (since each individual eyeshadow is double-sticked inside the palette and I couldn't risk eyeshadows moving around because of one empty slot so I bought a blush.

Anyhow I went home with it and it turns out... even with the unneeded blush I am 1 eyeshadow short to complete the palette! Ugh! So I went online ( to browse at other eyeshadow colors and then I saw this:

I am going to exchange my palette tomorrow... Technically I could have 2 of these compacts for the price of that stinky, huge, easily scuffable, too-heavy-for-my-purse palette!

I need help!

Are these cute? Overplayed? Practical? Overpriced (at $180)? Good replacement for last year's Uggs?

If so, which color?

Burnt Olive or Chestnut?

I need warm boots for those freezing cold LA mornings when I walk my dogs. Oh who am I kidding, I don't wake up that early! and I don't really walk my dogs. I meant those chilly LA nights when I run downstairs to take my dogs to the nearest patch of grass available. =)

Accessories Report Pt II

Here are a few more things I'm looking forward to next Spring!

Chanel embraces Springtime and youth with a flurry of patches in this new hobo shape... interesting!

Also looks cute in their signature shape.

A new twist on last season's gladiator sandals. The black/white combo and the ribbon lace-up is classic Chanel but I love the masculinity of the slouchy heel. Would look so cute with a crisp white shirt dress!

A new shape for Chloe... in the famed thick and textured leather as found on the Paddington. Office-y but the contrasted big thread stitching makes it stand out.

Sunday, October 9

Letting things get a little hairy...

I was browsing through the Chloe S/S '06 show when I noticed....

Do models not shave!?

Saturday, October 8

The Warehouse Sale Update

On October 2nd we were at Top Button's Shopping Sale. Here are some pictures! This is a great preview of the things to come at our Fall Sales. We are taking over California! Here are our upcoming events:

The O.C., Holiday Inn @ Costa Mesa: October 23. RSVP Now!
San Diego: November 13.
Los Angeles: December 10.

Wednesday, October 5

Everyone Worth Knowing

It's been a while that I've read a chick lit book past the first few pages. Ever since The Nanny Diaries and the Shopaholic series made it big, there have been numerous mediocre attempts at illustrating the coveted life of Park Avenue princesses from the point of view of the hard-working, poor, but 'incredibly chic' young single woman who gets thrown into it.

So anyhow, here's another one! But from an author I trust to cleverly and eloquently tell an entertaining story and create unforgettable characters. In celebration of the making of "The Devil Wears Prada", I've picked up Lauren Weisberger's newest book at Costco ($13.29), "Everyone Worth Knowing".

I've just started reading tonight so I will review it later!

From the Publisher:

An irresistible tale about what happens when a girl on the fringe enters the realm of New York's chic, party-hopping elite.

On paper, Bette Robinson's life is good. At twenty-six, she's got a great deal on an apartment in Manhattan, and she's on target to become an associate at the prestigious investment bank where she works with her best friend. Her eighty-hour workweeks might keep her from socializing or dating outside her office walls -- but she's paying her dues on the well-trod path to wealth and happiness. So when Bette quits her job like the impulsive girl she's never been, she not only shocks her friends and family -- she has no idea what to do next.

For months, Bette gets out and about by walking her four-pound dog around her decidedly unglamorous Murray Hill neighborhood. Then she meets Kelly, head of Manhattan's hottest PR and events planning firm, and suddenly Bette has a brand-new job where the primary requirement is to see and be seen.

The work at Kelly & Company takes Bette inside the VIP rooms of the city's most exclusive nightclubs, to parties crowded with celebrities and socialites. Bette learns not to blink at the famous faces, the black Amex cards, the magnums of Cristal, or the ruthless paparazzi. Soon she's dating an infamous playboy who's great for her career but bad for her sanity -- and scaring off the one decent guy she meets. Still, as her coworkers repeatedly point out, how can you complain about a job that pays you to party? Bette has to agree -- until she begins appearing in a vicious new gossip column. That's when Bette's life on paper takes on a whole new meaning -- and she learns the line between her personal and professional lives is...invisible.

Thinking ahead

Back to the Spring shows!

With the NY, London, Milan and soon Paris shows, I figured I should get a list of must-haves going. Okay maybe not so much as must-haves but must-wants for now =)

Living in LA, I tend to dress more New York than any of the European shows... I tend to accessorize more Milan than Paris... But I love the Paris shows more than any other... does that make sense? I dress casual, acessorize boldly, but I wish I were as soft and feminine as the Paris lines tend to be.

So let's start with dress, using New York Fashion Week as our visual cues.
- Exaggerated pant lines.
- A palette of nudes mixed in with whites and very soft colors.
- Away from boho and on to soho... feminine cuts, nice, neat and sophisticated.

So for me personally, here are my Spring plans... some are "goals", actually:
- Wear more collared shirts/oxfords. Crisp white shirts, exaggerated collars or lapels, fitted around the waist but boxy enough to lengthen my torso and I'll probably stick to 3/4 length sleeves.
- Start wearing dresses! Not just for the occasional Friday night but I will attempt day dresses, full skirts, bold prints and other girly things I normally avoid.
- Stay away from my slim bermuda shorts and find some loose-fit, flowy shorts in bermuda length.
- No more T-shirts, I'm going to start wearing knits! Yes, knits. Maybe even cutie "vests" a la Carolina Herrera.

And now on to accessories!
Okay not so much accessories as a handbag report.
There is one major emerging super important theme in the Milan shows when it comes to handbags. Okay, two. First of all we are going upscale and sophisticated, almost office-y. Of course the first clue was with Luella's tan leather flap tote. The shapes this season are very long, wide and flat. Which means at restaurants we will be tucking our bags behind us on our chairs rather than setting them on the ground.

And trend #2 seems to be canvas (or any other fabric) trimmed in leather, whether it be smooth napa, funky patent or exotic croc leather. Also we see a return of the bamboo at Gucci. [clockwise from the top: Gucci, Fendi, Gucci, Prada]

Also, F/W's "It" bags will be getting Spring makeovers, like the Fendi Spy Bag. The one in the middle is my new lust bag.

Even Bottega Veneta's infamous woven leather bags get an update this season after countless failed attempts this past S/S and F/W. Woven snakeskin on the left, and leather appliques on woven leather on the right. Very cutie but too mature for me.

I like Dior's turn from the ultra-feminine overly-sassed up logos and flowers to a more comfortably shabby chic. A nice twist to the been-there, done-that sadde bag! Probably the only dior bag I would ever get if I was forced to buy one. Heh.

Gucci takes the handbag a little too literally with these ultra-mini clutches. Nice embellishments, cutie fabrics, but come on! Some practicality please! Girls will have to convert to lipsticks in lieu of glosses to fit into these things.

And last but not least a shoe trend carried over from the New York shows, I absolutely love these Balenciaga versions. Missing the tongue but the same thick-trimmed look. I really like the one on the right but I have to think about those stones first. Don't want to look like Wilma Flinstone.

Now I shall wait patiently until October 9th for Louis Vuitton's Spring Show. My bit of anxiety is stemming from whether or not that bag from Bazaar will show up. Or maybe that's a Resort bag? Oh the suspense!!! I really hope it isn't available until January because I am not supposed to purchase any more bags this year.


Will someone open their issue of this month's Bazaar to page 280 and tell me about this item!!! When is it coming out? What is it called? Is there a list? What season is it from?

You'll know what I'm talking about when you see it.

I'll post a picture later.

Monday, October 3

Life's only necessity is the need for unnecessary things.

So my Miu Miu key holder is dying. The poor leather is over-distressed and showing its threads.

Let's vote!

Guccissima leather in Rust Brown or Royal Blue if they decide to make it.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis in a "denim blue" color.

Louis Vuitton Mini Monogram in the new Black/White combo.

I will take other suggestions too as long as it's a tri-fold key holder with at least 4 rings and will fit a credit card. Must be pretty too.