Thursday, October 13

Daily Routine

I've added a new info box in the left column called "Daily Routine"

This box will highlight which products I use in my "Daily Routine"

When I run out, switch, change preferences or add anything new, I will add it to my "Daily Routine"

And obviously, not everything in my "Daily Routine" is literally used daily. For instance, I don't use my scrub nor facial peel daily. But for simplicity's sake, this is just a guideline. Also notice I do not write the full names of every product in the little box because, well, it wouldn't fit. You are going to have to click through to view the specific product.

And also I'd like to define the "skip" in the "moisturizer" section. I have a very moisture enriching toner as well as a very moisture-ful SPF. And on the days I wear make-up, I use Stila's tinted moisturizer (which is really just a fancy name for 'foundation'). The only time my face is ever really dry is after I use a soapy cleanser. So for these reasons I do not use a regular moisturizer.