Monday, October 10

Addicted to Shu's

In my neverending quest to try ever Shu Uemura product on this earth, (I even made my sister who is visiting Japan promise me to get limited-only-to-Japan stuff) I picked up a couple of new items this past weekend.

Turns out I've been using the wrong toner all this time. (Shame on you, Barney's woman) I've been using the Equiwater but since I do not have oily skin I should have been using the Nanowater. But no worries, there is now a Superwater! Okay, it's actually the ß-G Reinforcing Cosmetic Water which has anti-oxidant protection as well as firming properties. Sounds good to me! This "water" is more of a light gel... which is weird at first to use as a toner but it tones the skin well.

This was an impulse purchase. (Darn those little jars of treats on the counters I... cannot... resist...) But the lady said (yes, I am easily swayed) that it will moisten my lips, get rid of those little lines you get when your lips are chapped, make them more plump and all without a waxy residue. That sold me. (Yes, I'm easy) I like that it absorbs fast and leaves this light, matte texture on my lips. It also has a hint of sweetness.

Then as a last super-duper impulse purchase (seriously, they need to stop displaying products by the cashier, it really is a dirty trick) I bought this palette to house all of my shu eyeshadows. Okay, I'll admit... I was worried that I didn't have enough shadows to fill into the palette (since each individual eyeshadow is double-sticked inside the palette and I couldn't risk eyeshadows moving around because of one empty slot so I bought a blush.

Anyhow I went home with it and it turns out... even with the unneeded blush I am 1 eyeshadow short to complete the palette! Ugh! So I went online ( to browse at other eyeshadow colors and then I saw this:

I am going to exchange my palette tomorrow... Technically I could have 2 of these compacts for the price of that stinky, huge, easily scuffable, too-heavy-for-my-purse palette!