Sunday, October 16

Recent Additions... my denim wardrobe.

No but really, I will not be adding ANY more jeans to my closet. Seriously, this has got to stop. These are the last four pairs for this season.

*edit: I meant 5 pairs.

Hudson triangle pocket in antique.
Believe it or not, I do not own any Hudson triangle-pockets yet! Well, except for my bermuda shorts, but they are not full length so they don't count! This pair is new for Fall... a dark stretch denim with contrast big white stitching and twisted inseam. Sound familiar? Even the Hudson reps dubbed this pair as the "True Religion" fit at the recent Project denim show in Vegas. These are comfy, slimming and have a 32-33" inseam... perfect to wear with flip-flops and flats!

Antik Denim with mismatched logo pockets.
I think way back when I might've mentioned this pair when I first saw them in the Nordstrom's catalog. Although Antik jeans tend to be stiff and uncomfortable, I love the way they make my legs look longer and thighs look slimmer. (Something about the double inseam)

Antik Denim with floral embroidery.
Something about the red/orange/yellow stitching in these jeans got me. At first glance these jeans were too loud for my taste but after I tried them on... well... didn't want to take them off. I love pockets that don't match. And I love the colorful whipstitching at the bottom.

Taverniti SO courtney jean in vintage resin.
Here's a brand I've ignored at first because most of their styles tend to be skinny tapered legs. Saw the patch, loved the novelty belt loops so I gave them a test drive... and I was surprised to see how flattering these were on! They are a tad bit long, but not long enough to hem up. I pair them with my tallest heels and they really make my legs look miles long. Something about the whiskering and distressing around the thigh.

Frankie B. rosarito jean in iris.
I've been eyeing these jeans forever! I'm not normally a fan of Frankie B's dangerously low 3" rise, but how can you say no to these cutie back pockets. One thing I can't get used to: Frankie B.'s super flared legs tend to look 5 years too young for me so I decided to cut off the legs, taper 'em, and cuff them up to look like folded up capri's. I'm picking them up on Saturday from the tailor so wish me luck! (I'm not sure he understood my plans for alteration)

And the piece de resistance... my first pair of boots, ever! I've given up on the Chloe's (a WAITLIST for shoes?? I'm not ready for that...) and the slightly metallic Marc's were much too metallic for me. I was leaning towards Jimmy's flat boots... but my legs are definitely not long enough (nor are my calves thin enough) to pull those off. Literally. They were pretty tight.

And one day while I was at Satine in search of "the world's comfiest ballet flat" I saw...

Oh geez I'd been drooling over these Balenciaga Boots since put it in their F/W accessories report! I put them on hold and spent 4 heart-wrenching days deliberating over the purchase. Then on Saturday I panicked (what if they sold my boots?), went back, and bought them.