Friday, October 28

Go Barefoot

Rotten day?

Stressful week?

Whatever your ailment, I highly recommend a long bubble bath then an evening wrapped in bliss. In a barefoot dreams robe, that is.

I have been eyeing this robe forever. But who can justify a $130 robe? Certainly not someone who has about an hour of robe-wearable time in the evenings between my night shower and going to bed. But have you felt how soft this robe is? I mean, really. There are a lot of knock-offs out there and this is the softest one. Not to mention this is the only one guaranteed to stay soft after numerous washes. (Unlike other knock-off brands that tend to shrink, pill or stiffen up after the first wash)

Also available, the plush throw.

I can't think of a better self-gift for this winter. =)