Tuesday, November 1

Free Beauty

One thing I can never resist, beauty gifts with purchase.

So when a friend told me about the gloss.com promo... I searched through the site to find the best deal possible, the most bang for the buck... the combination of items that will have me spending the least, receiving the most [free goodies] all while purchasing only items that I need.

This is not an easy task!

First off let's get the requirements down. For the big bag of goodies (pictured above), you need a purchase of $75 or more. For the free shipping, you need a purchase of $85 or more. $85 it is.

Now for the individual "offers"... the free Stila lip glaze interested me for a moment... $35 of Stila junk I need may be too much for a lip gloss that might be too dark for my taste. Next up... Jo Malone. Now here's a line I've always wanted to try if it weren't for the steep prices! No minimum purchase... definitely doable.

So after searching, this is what I decided on:

Which got me these following free gifts:

Then don't forget to click on the "SAMPLES" link on the top bar for an additional deluxe-sized sample to add to your cart. (One per purchase) I chose:

Here is the summary of my damage:

$55 + $60 + tax - shipping...

Not bad!