Wednesday, November 2


Been eyeing Jessica's St. Grace pants? Teri Hatcher's Sweetees dress?

xxx is offering ALL of their merchandise at an additional 70% off. You do not understand how ridiculous this is.

St. Grace Marlo Capri's in dark chocolate and date for $22.50. That's about the price you would pay at Forever 21. (I got a pair in date)

Sweetees Ilyana dress? $12. Unheard of.

Je-Lee Palazzo pants, normally $105 now $31.50.

Pick up some basic white tees for $3.

Did I mention that shipping is FREE?

Enter coupon code xxx.

**EDITED** Due to the questionable reputation of this seller/online store, I've decided to take down the relevant information in this post. Although my friend and I both received our orders from this store, I have been notified that there were other customers in the past who haven't. I try to only recommend stores or items that I have had good experience with in the past and this fell under that category until it was brought to my attention that the owner of this store has a faulty record. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone!