Saturday, February 5

Underground Denim

Today was my first time going to Underground Denim, a denim-based warehouse sale where you can find all the newest & hottest names in denim. UD does kind of a college tour so no matter where you are, chances are there will be a UD sale near you very soon! I took a sneak peek at their upcoming schedule for the next few months and they are hitting up a lot of college campuses nationwide.

Why you'll go: Because you're tired of hearing "Nordstrom Rack just got a new shipment of Sevens!" and by the time you arrive there is only one left in a size 24. Because you can never own too many pairs of jeans. Because with the speed of fashion these days, who pays retail? And lastly, of course, you love to brag to your friends how you scored at a secret underground warehouse sale.

What you'll find: They normally have a lot of Chip & Pepper, True Religion, James Jeans and Rock & Republic. They also have Yanuk jeans and cords but in limited numbers. They also carry smaller labels like AG or J&Co. Lastly they have some Seven jeans but in an even more limited number. All denim are $74 a pair. In addition, they have tops by Splendid, Seven and R&R ($15-25) and skirts by True Religion & Chip & Pepper. Get there early. Community dressing rooms. They also have a good selection of TR, C&P, and R&R for men.

What I found: I found a pair of True Religion Destroyed jeans. (yay!) However, it took me going through 4 pairs before I found a decent pair. One had a broken zipper, one had a large run on the leg, and another had a rip up the hem. The one I stuck with seemed to be in tip-top shape except for some of the frays (in the destroyed part) were loose. I would have stayed and shopped some more but lately there have been too much James Jeans, Yanuk, and Chip & Pepper going on sale everywhere so I've gotten pretty sick of seeing them.

Tips & Advice: All these jeans for $74??? There must be a catch! Actually, there is. Things that sound too good to be true, usually are. :) Even though all of the denim they carry are authentic, they are able to price them cheaply because they are all seconds, or irregulars. IRR's can encompass anything from holes in the fabric to broken zippers. Most of them were pretty bad damages (the kind you can't pull off as regular, even if you get them fixed) but if you spend enough time there you can find some decent jeans. My suggestion: after you find a style you like, grab 3 or 4 and TRY THEM ON until you find a perfect pair. Sometimes you won't see the holes or the dye stains (which are sometimes in really obscure spots, like the crotch) that you won't see until you try them on. Also trying them on is a good way to test out the zipper and the buttons. Remember~ 100% of their items are irregulars or damages so be careful! All sales are final (they are usually just a 1 day event) and nothing is worse than finding a hole in the jeans 10 minutes before you're about to wear them out.

Where to go?: The only way to find out if Underground Denim will be visiting your city is to sign up to their mailing list online. Go to