Friday, July 23

Shopping Report: Nordstroms Rack

Got a tip on a C&C California shipment to socal Nordstrom Rack's. I called the one in the Hughes Promenade to ask about it- the saleslady said "Wow they just came in this morning, how did you know about it?" Muhahaha.

I arrived in the store within the hour and snatched up 6 sorbet colors... lime tank, pink tank, blue tie-dye tank, yellow tank, yellow short sleeve scoop, and a teal blue bell sleeve. I just can't resist a good deal. Plus when you think about it... that's uhm, ... 30 different combinations of 2 layers each. Wait, is that right? (n-1)!... oh, whatever. Everyone knows C&C on sale anywhere is worth it.

They also had a great rack of jeans... Blue Cult, Miss Sixty, and Paper Denim... mostly in size 25, 26. Damnit. Even if I pulled a Mary Kate (or was it Ashley) and reduced myself to bones I couldn't fit into a size 25 pant.