Monday, July 26

Soap Break

Any dool fans out there? I've been following Days of Our Lives here and there since probably the 8th grade, but it wasn't until recently, when I got my Tivo, that I started watching every episode. Anyways there was a favorite outfit that I saw on Belle [the original Belle... not the new ugly one with retarded lips]- when she was complaining to Philip about Shawn leaving. She's wearing a tiered halter top which looked more like a tube top with two strings that started at the middle of the bust and went behind the neck. I think it was the scene where she has long extensions in her hair. I thought the top was really cute.. anyone know who its by? I want one! In terms of fashion she's probably my favorite on the show. Once in a while Nicole wears cute clothes but she's mostly too Bebe for me.

I also watch Passions- I really like Whitney's style on there. Of course it probably had something to do with the fact that she has an awesome body: she has incredibly toned shoulders and arms that she shows off with off-shoulder tops and halter tops. But I love the color pallettes they put on her, whether neutrals or bright colors.