Monday, July 26

Short Shopping Trip

Well after the poll I posted on Lux yesterday, it looked like my new purchase would be Rachel Pally pants. After school I made a quick stop at Fred Segal, since the website said they carried it at Fred Segal Trend. Unfortunately, they no longer carry her line and are still debating renewing it for next season. So instead I consoled myself with a couple of treats:

I normally use MOR Sugar Scrub in Green Tea but this time they were out of stock. The salesguy recommended this line for a good exfoliating scrub that won't break down while you're using it. Plus it doesn't have as much oil content as the normal sugar scrubs do, so hopefully this will make my skin feel smoother. It smells good! Gonna test it tonight.

A couple of weeks ago I saw Frederic Fekkai's Creme Luxueuse at Sephora and it reminded me of the craze last Christmas when Oprah had it on her show. (A $65 bottle was selling for $110 on eBay!) So I decided to test it and it felt and smelled sooo good. I knew that this would be my next lotion to try once I run out of my Kiehl's, but I couldn't part with $65 for that little bottle. Today I saw the lotion alternative with the same ingredients with a lighter formula and a more affordable price. I've never tried anything but Frederic Fekkai hair products so I'm going to try this one first and if I like it then I'll buy the Creme Luxueuse the next time. (BTW- anyone who's tried this creme, please feel free to comment & let me know how you like it!)