Monday, October 25

Fashion drought

Except for the few days last week where the chilly rain allowed me to finally bring out some of my winter clothes, I've been in a fashion drought. The weather seems to still be stuck in summer mode and I've put my winter shopping to a halt.

Instead, this weekend I chose to concentrate on home dressing... I went to every possible home store (Pottery Barn, Home Depot, Expo, Restoration Hardware, Z Gallerie to name a few) and bought furniture!

But now that my home project is coming to a close... my mind is starting to wander back to accessories. The newness of my Luella bag has worn off and I've migrated back to my "comfort bag" a large blue cloth Da-Nang hobo bag with lots of pockets. I'm now on the prowl for another "everyday" bag. Something a little bit more upscale than my beat-up Danang. I keep gravitating towards the LV Speedy bags (either monogram or white multi-colore) but as soon as I go out and public and see the number of fakes out there it discourages me. What other line of bags has a durable leather that can take a beating? I know this probably rules out Chanel, Prada, and Gucci. Maybe MJ? Maybe when the new store opens on Melrose, I'll swing by and take a look.