Saturday, July 23

Answers to the Anniversary SweetSpot Quiz.

Here are the answers to yesterday's game.

1) Acidity
2) mid-4
3) dryness, moisture loss
4) balancing
5) galbanum
6) Geranium
7) grapefruit
8) unscented
9) InStyle
10) 30

Thank you to all of those who have participated!

... and now ...

for the winners...

1st Place Catherine (12:07PM)
2: Mary (12:08PM)
3: kjen (12:11PM)
4: Jenifer (12:12PM)
5: Vic (12:12PM)
6: Mika (12:14PM)
7: Anastasia (12:14PM)
8: Janet (12:17PM)
9: Wendy (12:20PM)
10: Christina (12:33PM)

I will be sending an e-mail out to all of the winners (including the random winners) to request your mailing address. You should receive your prize shortly! Thanks for playing!