Thursday, July 14

Online Drooling

I was doing some browsing today ... okay, actually, I was obsessively looking through papparazi pictures (I'll admit it, okay?) and I found some looks/items that I really liked. I know, I know, we're "sick" of seeing pictures of them... but we can't help but go through picture after picture to nitpick, criticize, or in my case, drool over accessories.

Although Sienna tends to dress like a Kate Moss replica, sometimes (less often than not) she comes up with looks that I like. i.e., I love these cropped boots. I believe these pictures were taken several months ago so they can't be the Balenciaga ones from this Fall... or are they?

I'm not sure what it is about this look that I like... maybe it's the hair (before Jessica Simpson (And now sis Ashlee) killed it, or maybe it's the jacket (so cute! Anyone know who it's by?) Or maybe, it's the combination of the tuxedo pants + dressy jacket + simply twiggy necklace and the messy hair. Anyhow, this look is a plus in my book.

No one does shorts like Nicole. Oh and I looove those shoes too.

I love Rachel's Luella bag! Did this style come and go before I even saw it in the stores? I can't find it for the life of me. And I've been looking since January! All I can find is the green apple Gisele style on