Friday, July 8

Return of the Paddington

They're almost here! I think the new Paddington's from Fall/Winter '05 actually have a lighter padlock (yay!) that is more prone to scuffing (boo!)... so I haven't decided if this is a good or bad thing :) In general though, the bags seem lighter.

*I love the new barrel shape to the right... especially in this color. (I think it's called Khaki) However, the zipper is very hard to maneuver so you'd probably wear it constantly open. It looks very cute under on the arm but first under the shoulder as well!

*Colors are going darker and bolder for this fall. The lunch box shape to the left is cute- but I haven't seen it yet in person.

*This is the hobo I was talking about in my previous post. (I think) Somehow it looked different in Khaki. Maybe they have 2-3 other hobo styles... the one I saw looked more slouchy.

*Yes... that's a mini!!! :)

Here's the barrel shape again in a darker color, available this winter.

*I also love the new boxy shape (in the middle)... Augh. Which to choose?
There will be a Chloe Fall/Winter Preview at the Nordstrom's at the Grove on July 13. It's a by-invitation-only event, so call ahead to see if they can still get you in. You can preview and special order these bags and anything else from their F/W collection... no more long waitlists! Although you still have to wait til about Oct for the Fall bags and Dec for the Winter bags.