Thursday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving!

I went to a casual BBQ at a friend's house today for Tnx'giving. Since it was outdoor, I didn't get a chance to "dress up" for the holidays, instead I had to wear something warm and something that allowed me to chase my dogs around the backyard if needed. I decided to go with: white vintage disney tinkerbell long sleeved t-shirt, green c&c tank underneath, dark hudson jeans cuffed up, and my von dutch "uggs"

Two things I discovered today:
1) (kinda gross) I sweat a lot more in my Von Dutch Uggs than my real Uggs. Is it because the V.Dutch are "synthetic" wool and the real Uggs are real wool? Fake things suck.
2) When I bought my MJ multi-pocket bag in bark I was really hesitant because the brown has a very reddish tint to it. After wearing it around for a couple of weeks, I've noticed the leather has gotten much smoother and the red has become more subtle. I love it! :D

But then... have you seen the new Spring 2005 styles on the MJ website? Augh SO CUTE! Here are my faves:

Karolina in Espresso - So soft and girly, I love those handles!

Angela in Green - I love this green, you can rock this shape with anything!

Patti in Washed Coral - Great piece to stand out yet complete an outfit.

Selma in Pale Mint - I love the contrast of the gold hardware.

Their website is in flash so I can't post pictures now, but I will later! Meanwhile you can just browse