Monday, November 1

My bath bar

Remember that mebath ice cream I've been raving about? Well I've recently found more of the same at LUSH (3rd Street Promenade). They have bath bombs in different flavors and functions: lavender to relax or butterball to soften your skin. They also have bubble bath chunks, when dipped in running water they foam up to create a very bubbly bath.

I found this cute vase at Pottery Barn and decided it would be a perfect way to serve up my bubble bath. Here are the bath bomb flavors I picked up today: Avobath, Sex bomb, All That Jasmine, Softy, Waving not Drowning and Butterball. And the bubble bars are Hot Milk? and Creamy Candy. I try to stay with the softer colors because I read a horror story where someone tried the Hot Java Bomb and it left a permanent red ring around her tub. =(