Saturday, November 27

Turq-ey Holiday

I was feeling a bit lazy today and wasn't at all into the "Black Friday" shopping (anything I can do to avoid those crowds) so I stayed at home all morning and browsed through some of my favorite online stores.

One of my faves:
I love how their online boutique is organized: their front page is a row (a long row-- you have to scroll all the way to the right) of "looks" pulled together with current season items. I love to look at the pieces they combine to create their layered looks.

One particular piece caught my eye:

Underneath both outfits is an aqua Woo halter top. I love the body on this top and also the color - you can really pop it out with a variety of jackets for winter. The best part is, the top is only $80. I have to check it out in person to see what the fabric's like. I've never seen any Woo clothes... the only thing I remember from them is cashmere wallets from a few years back.

Well, this certainly got me in the mood for shopping again. (Hence my stop to Barney's, see below)