Thursday, January 13

Kitson Stop

I absolutely regretted stopping by Kitson today. I found about a million things that I want but aren't prepared to buy!

First thing I noticed (how could I not) was that they restocked on the old man river belt. They had more colors and this belt just gets cuter and cuter in person. They were $250 and it really took a LOT of self-discipline to not escort one right up to the cashier. Is this a trend that will die soon? They had about 5 left in black and white.

Then more bling caught my eye... is there an old man river wrist cuff now? This one actually said LA PIPER on the back of it so I'm not sure if it's made by the same company? (Now that I think about it the belts might not have been old man river after all? *confused*. Anyhow the cuffs come in a variety of colors like red, white, black and gold leather. They also come with either silver or gold studs. They had one left in the black with silver stud combination... I want! But I just don't look tough enough to rock one. These were $68. Not bad.

If you aren't too sick of large nail studs yet, they had the new BE & D nailstud bags in. I saw really bad knock offs at Jacqueline Jarrot in Vegas and had written them off on my "totally NOT" list but when I saw these OG versions I was converted. They were actually quite cute. Too bad they're around $695.

They had a cute array of Marc Jacobs shoes, including an awesome pair of teal knee-high boots. Also had yellow and teal flats. I am searching for a good comfy pair of flats... any suggestions? It can't be too pointy (I am a 9.5 and don't want to look like the wicked witch of the west) and can be round but not too shallow at the tip (I have long toes - serious toe cleavage). Maybe these MJ's woulda been a shoe-in but they didn't have my size left.

Antik Jeans seem to be popping up everywhere. They were cute the first time I laid my eyes on them but they are a bit too ethnic for me. Too much business around my butt area will make me a little too self-conscious. My review: the jean is very nicely tailored in the front, almost flattering. The back is recommended only for those without a full rear-end and the hipline on the sides don't smooth too well in the hips, creating the illusion of slightly bigger hips. Well, they still win the "Novelty Jean of the Season" award.

In other denim, Kitson had the usual palette of True Religion and Hudson jeans. Another surprise new jean is.... Jordache! Uh oh, are they making a come back now? It's the whole Generra from the 80's with a slightly new look and ridiculously new higher prices. We'll see how long this lasts.

Their bag section is much smaller and thank God they didn't reorder those heinous Juicy bags. I did notice one last piece of LA's newcomer must-have bag, the Dulce hobo. They had one left in a light blue/periwinkle color. It's bigger in person than perceived from magazines but I think this bag will definitely kick the Botkier out of the water. It borrows its shape from Gucci's classic logo hobos from last year and adds new soft leather in yummy colors. I think this will become the it "everyday" bag for Winter since the colors they have work so well with winter.