Saturday, January 29

Spring Softie

My 17-year-old little sister came to me with a problem- she needed a new bag but wasn't prepared to spend too much for it. She wanted to spend about $100, wanted something that lasted (somewhat), cute, roomy and versatile. Unfortunately that put her out of the Coach (for something trustworthy) price range as well as the Juicy (for something her "age") price range.

So we went to the mall and browsed. We went to GAP~ I was hoping the new "washed leather bags" were in... because this white one from the website is too cute and I wanted to see its quality in person:

BTW- Why is this called "powder blue" on the website.. I don't see any blue?

Unfortunately they weren't out yet in our GAP. So we headed across the way to Banana Republic. I found the the perfect bag for her (sure, it was a bit more than she was expecting to pay- $128) but it seemed like the perfect fit!

BTW- Looks much cuter/softer in person. ~.~

There is a main zippered compartment which is roomy and even has a slot for your cell phone. Outside there are 2 zippered pouches in the front and on the sides. The front clasp is like a giant necklace clasp in rusted bronze. The leather is very soft and I was impressed with the quality- since BanRep leather bags tend to be on the stiff side. But there was something about the bag that just pulled me in and I convinced my lil sis to get it.

It wasn't 'til we left the mall when it hit me. Marc Jacobs Selma (due Spring '05):

Usually I'm not a fan of "knock-off" styling but this particular BanRep bag had just the twist (no pun intended- look at the strap ~.~) to differentiate it from the MJ bag and it came in a much softer, worn-in leather which looks great in the peachy/blush color.

Anyhow I really recommend this bag and its metallic counterpart for a good, inexpensive bag to throw around until Spring comes around the corner :)

Just as cute:

Washed leather mini, $88