Monday, March 28

24-Hr Shopping

Ever since the post about fitness, amazingly I've been sticking to it and I've been busy gym-ing during the week. So busy, in fact, that I've only been to the mall once this past 2 weeks. (shocker!)

But of course I haven't left it at that-- I've been busy online browsing at nights to satisfy my craving. Even though I promised myself I wouldn't buy new clothes until I get fit (for size reasons- don't want another wardrobe full of clothes that don't fit)... well this time I couldn't resist. Besides, Rachel Pally's boleros are a one size fits all so it doesn't really matter whether I buy it now or later ;)

You've seen it in my earlier post about Rachel Pally's Spring line in persimmon:

Unfortunately most colors were sold out everywhere but I did get one in sand (). I bought it at (great site for hard-to-find labels). I got 15% off with a coupon code (they always have some type of promotion going on) plus free shipping so it was a great deal! But the one thing I dislike about purchasing online is how long it takes for your package to come. As opposed to real-life shopping where you get instant gratitude (usually in the car on the ride home where you can't help but take a look at the item again), online shopping is roughly 4-5 days of checking your tracking number on in the hopes that the package will arrive early.

But I'm happy with my purchase! Even though the color is lighter than I expected (I was expecting California/Santa Monica beach's dirty brown sand, instead I got a much lighter sand, the clean type you would get at tropical resorts like in Maui, hehe) the bolero is a very good fit. It is loose around the shoulders and body so it is a very flattering shape. The longer sleeve is great for hiding the upper hand. And also, who doesn't love Rachel Pally's springy, soft fabric? Once my shopping hiatus is lifted, I will definitely be going back for some dresses and skirts.