Tuesday, March 15

Health & Fitness

Fashion exudes from what you wear and how you wear it. I've been giving too much attention to what I wear... and definitely have been shunning how I wear it. In 2 weeks I have a formal wedding to attend. I have a gorgeous gold backless gown that I bought a year ago but haven't found the right occasion to wear it to, until now. Unfortunately, over the past year I've filled out in places unforgiven by the gown. So I have 2 weeks to shape up.

But, of course, this isn't my only excuse. I've generally been ready to start a new healthy lifestyle but Lay's Baked Potato Chips have always gotten the better of me. My new plan: no crash diets, no promises that are nearly impossible for me to fulfill. Just take things one step at a time. Just focus on the light at the end of the tunnel... I'm hoping my entire wardrobe will look like new once I have a new bod. :)

I was watching E!'s Celebrity Super Secrets... and there was this part that went something like "To fatten up for her role as Bridget Jones, Renee Zellweger indulged in a diet of pizza, bread, pasta, chips, chocolate and french fries." Wait- that's MY diet! There are so many diets out there... there's Oprah's "No whites" diet to avoid pasta, white bread and rice. There's the raw diet that seems the least appetizing. Then there's the zone and the south beach diet which are way too complicated to attempt without a nutritionist or a personal chef.

So I decided to mix the best of all the diet worlds and came up with a feasible plan for myself. First of all, I rarely eat vegetables. I've committed myself to drinking a bottle of green veggie juice every morning. No, no more of those thousand-calorie Jamba Juice smoothies. I'm talking about the individually bottled green veggie juices you see in the produce section that make you go "ewww". I figure... do I want to make a meal of boiled vegetables or just down a bottle of juice? I'll take the juice.

The rest of my diet is a little bit stricter. I am going to stay away from whites. No pastas, white bread or rice. But I will allow myself brown rice, or whole wheat/grain pastas and breads. No obviously unhealthy foods which means use common sense and cut out junk food, chips, fried chicken, cheeseburgers and all those other foods that go straight to the waistline. I'm going to try to stick to as much raw food and veggies as possible... juice, salads and sushi.

And of course the toughest part of dieting are the cravings. So now as soon as a new snack craving pops into my head, I rush into the bathroom and brush my teeth, floss, start cleaning my teeth until I forget about In-n-Out's animal style french fries. Then I pop in a tictac (lime flavored!) It's amazing what minty fresh breath does to a food craving!

And last but not least, no late night eating. I've been known to make a Jack in the Box run in the middle of the night... but no more. 8pm is the absolute cut off. Dinner is my last meal. So I'm not completely starving myself... in fact this diet should be feeding me more of the nutrients I need to gain more energy for the fitness portion of my two week transformation.

I guess it makes me feel better that celebrities have to work out 5-6 times a week to get their lean figures. I didn't think they had to work so hard at it, especially after Gisele Bundchen's comment "I never work out. I never go to the gym. I've never gone to the gym in my entire life." Thanks Gisele. So knowing that Jessica Simpson's Daisy Dukes body took her 2 hours a day, 6 days a week makes me feel somewhat better. It's fueled my motivation to start working out more regularly. That and the fact that I really don't have much else to do during the day.

I've done Pilates here and there, I've done strength training... but there is one thing that I have been avoiding... cardio. So for now I'm going to start playing tennis again as well as go out and discover new fitness classes. There are some new fusion fitness classes in West LA that I've been dying to try like Core Fusion's Pilates/Ballet/Cardio in Venice or absolution's spy school. Also I have a gym right here in my building so I really should take advantage of the treadmill. And of course, I live across the street from Winsor Pilates so there really shouldn't be any excuse for me to make the 1 minute walk across to my prepaid mat classes. Really, no excuses.

Well I've completely strayed from my usual posts... I am taking somewhat of a short shopping hiatus until I get back into shape. This cold/hot/then cold again weather transitioning us from winter to spring is the perfect time to live in sweats and concentrate on working out. In a week or two, when the sun comes out, it'll be time to step out in marc jacobs printed skirts, james perse cotton dresses and skimpy great wall tank tops.

But for now, who says you can't sweat and look fashionable at the same time? I'm getting ready to head out to adidas to check out Stella McCartney's new line.