Tuesday, May 3

It's confirmed!

For years and years I've been searching for the perfect thong to replace my regular panties... and I thought it really might have been a futile search, as by definition a thong shouldn't be as comfortable as a regular pair of undies... until these!

So after my last post I headed to Lisa Norman (Lingerie etc) to search for a pair. I bought low-rise thongs in both the all-lace and half-cotton versions. Although the cotton version is slightly softer, both are equally comfortable to wear all day. I think the secret is that the lace itself is very elastic so the entire thing fits very loosely around the hips and all over, thus eliminating the "riding up" feeling most thongs give.

The nude (or in my case, 'honey') is a great color to wear underneath white- it virtually disappears. I also got a darker blue to wear under denim. They normally retail online for $18, but at the Lisa Norman store they were $16 each. But since they *are* an investment (vs. Victoria Secret's 5 for $20) you should always take special care in washing them. My suggestion is to soak them overnight in a bucket of water mixed with a capful of Tocca's Delicate Laundry detergent (in the Cleopatra scent, my favorite!. Then the next day just lay them out to dry.