Sunday, May 15

Super Mario

I've heard many good things about this line so as soon as my Kiehl's facial cleanser ran out, I decided to try the famed Mario Badescu line. The pricing is similar to Kiehl's and so is the packaging... but everything is MUCH better smelling!

Botanical Facial Gel- A thorough cleanser for combination/oily skin, this gel removes all face make up and oily debris, while leaving the skin refreshed and residue-free. Botanically enriched with Grapefruit Extract (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) to revitalize and energize. I am normally a foaming cleanser type of girl-- I like to see my products work to believe it. (That's why until now I haven't been able to use the Shu Uemura cleansing oil even though I hear so many good things about it) But immediately after using this face wash, I can really feel how clean my face is. Completely clean. No traces of eye-makeup, no filmy residue, just clean, nourished skin. This really leaves NOTHING behind. Because I am still on my Shu regimen, I didn't buy any other products for my face.

Raspberry Body Scrub- Acts as a loofah to increase circulation, exfoliate, and remove dry skin cells from arms, shoulders, back, etc. Made with delicious fresh Raspberry Extract to refresh your skin and stimulate your senses. At first I was disappointed with the amount of actual scrubbing beads this scrub has... it seems like you are rubbing around a lotion with a few raspberry seeds. The sugar and salt scrubs I'm used to are all scrub and no treatment... but little did I know that salts can leave your skin dryer than it was before rather than exfoliate effectively. Immediately after using this scrub your skin is velvety smooth to the touch. It's a great exfoliator for pre-tanning! Also the large raspberry seeds feel good against the skin, I think because it increases circulation so your skin feels more awake. (Rather than that raw, sore feeling you get after scrubbing with a salt or sugar scrub).

Seaweed Shower Gel- Contains nourishing Seaweed Extract, Sesame Oil, Carnation Oil, and Herbs Extract. Fragranced with stimulating and refreshing Botanical Extract. Again, this shower gel does exactly what it's supposed to- clean your skin without leaving anything behind. Well, except for a light, sweet scent.

Formula -200- Body Lotion- Instantly absorbed body lotion that does not leave the skin greasy. Perfect to use before getting dressed, after shower, or after sun. Okay, I'll be honest. I don't know if it's the raspberry scrub, the shower gel, or this lotion, or maybe even the combination of all three? ... but I swear my skin is smoother and softer than it's ever been. I was pretty happy with Kiehl's Instant Satin before, but this lotion has the same absorption rate but smells much better. The best thing about this lotion is that you can get dressed immediately after application.

Now that I am in love with the line, there are a couple other things that I'd like to pick up from the store and try:
Drying Lotion- World-famous pimple treatment that effectively dries up whiteheads overnight.
Rose Hip Mask- A light moisturizing and nourishing mask. Revitalizes tired skin to radiate a healthy glow.
Super Collagen Mask- Replenishes the skin with Collagen to give it a healthy glow. Collagen, naturally found in the skin, keeps it firm and toned.
Kiwi Face Scrub- Softens and refines dull skin tone and minimize congested pores.
Botanical Firming Lotion- Infused with several stimulating botanicals known for their firming and smoothing benefits.

Available at Fred Segal's, Kitson and Nordstrom, or on