Monday, June 20

Fall bags

Thank you for those of you who send me questions, comments, and suggestions via e-mail. Although I don't get to answer every one, I do read them all. Here is an e-mail I got today that I wanted to answer... I haven't had time recently for a full post (because of the denim sale last weekend) but hopefully by this weekend I'll get to post everything I've been planning =)

"I'm not sure if this is proper blog etiquette. Am i supposed to respond to a post? Anyway,I'm dying to know what bag you "MUST HAVE" for the fall. Thanks!"

The answer to this is easy schmeasy... the Chloe Paddington medium hobo (yes... HOBO!) in khaki. I saw pictures recently from the fall line at Ron Herman and Nordstroms... this bag is going to be GORGEOUS. But I think this will be out on July 15th so maybe it won't be a "Fall" bag but more like a "late Summer" bag. I promise I will post a picture as soon as I find one!

This fall will definitely be the Paddington's turn in the spotlight... with new shapes like the mini paddington, barrel-shaped tote, medium and large hobo, and the classic Paddinton shape in new shades like red, blue, and also lizard.

Other bags I'm eyeing:

Luella Bartley white hobo with the green apple print. (Can't seem to find a pic of this anywhere? Help anyone?)

Also Marc Jacobs new shapes and textures...

Adina Calfskin

Small Leather Tote

and my personal favorite... the quilted satchel.

The waitlist for these bags have opened at most major department stores. The waitlist for Louis Vuitton's fall bags will open next month. Get your credit cards ready...

Basically... I think the general rule for this fall will be oversized & pudgy for shoulder bags, and neat & structured for totes. Also bags will finally take a back seat to shoes this fall, simply complementing the new boots and slouchy pumps from the runways.

My faves so far:

Balenciaga's Slouchy Boots

G-Series Greeley Suede Ballerina... pair with some skinny pants that fall just above the ankle.

Stella McCartney... so cute with a pencil skirt!
(Watch for her Fall collaboration with H&M)

YSL Rive Gauche... the only time your toes should show this Fall.

*edit: And how can I forget???

Mulberry Tooled Bayswater., $1195.