Tuesday, June 21

Graduation Gifts

I have 3 sisters and coincidentally, all three of them are graduating this June. One from University, one from High School, and one from Junior High. I was planning to gift them all a keepsake necklace from Tiffany's-- but I had a hard time choosing one for each of them. (And is it fair to get them all matching necklaces, since they are all at different points in their lives?) Then another idea hit me... neither of them have jewelry boxes.

And if they are anything like me... their jewelry should be all over the place. I have some of my necklaces and rings in a small box on my nightstand. Some necklaces on the bathroom counter. (Who remembers to put them away after a shower??) And most of my dangle earrings are hanging on a cup in my closet. Oh not to mention the box of necklaces I bought in Hawaii sitting in my underwear drawer. And my Juicy studs are in a zip lock in my purse. Anyhow...

During a recent visit to Fred Segal's I saw a good selection of Wolf Design jewelry boxes. They are well made, and extremely convenient. There are so many types-- there is one to fit every type of accessory-collector. Also, each one comes with a mini-box inside to bring around for travel.

I got the oldest of the three a leather box from the Kensington collection in blue ($120). She has a little bit of everything (necklaces, earrings, bracelets) so this one suits her well.

For my two youngest sisters, I chose different boxes from the Primrose collection. This collection is made of ultrasuede and comes in a palette of spring pastel colors. Each box closes with two silver magnetic rings that holds the top in place.

My youngest sister doesn't have pierced ears yet. She has mostly necklaces, bracelets and watches so I got her the long box ($69) in the middle (but in green- her favorite color).

My middle sister is a bit more girly than the others, and has a lot more jewelry. She has a lot of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets- basically a bit of everything. I got her a larger purple box which featured more compartments and two travel-sized cases ($129).

I love these jewelry boxes by Wolf Designs but they are hard to find. I've only seen them at Fred Segal and at one of the accessory stores at The Grove. My favorite collections are the Covent Garden and the Vintage collections... but I haven't been able to find any of these in stores yet. :-(

My favorite is this one:

Check out The Ever After Store for some more styles!