Wednesday, June 22

Oh how fun it is...

... to get free stuff in the mail.

After I bought a few Mario Badescu products from Planet Blue in Malibu, I browsed the website to see what other products they had to offer.

I noticed the "" button and I decided to fill out the survey. (Just something about 'em... I'm addicted to surveys :p) I figured I'd get an e-mail with a list of products I should try... so I filled it out.

After days and days of waiting, I forgot about it. "Oh well, their consulting thing must be broken." Then about 2 weeks later I received a package from them in the mail. I was pretty worried at first... "Did I *buy* something the last time I browsed their website?? I didn't think so..."

eeeeeeeh! Samples! I was pretty darn excited.

Here is the regimen they prescribed me:
Morning/Evening- Cleanse with Enzyme Cleansing Gel and tone with the Special Cucumber Lotion. Dab Ceramide Eye Cream under each eye. Apply Collagen Moisturizer to face and neck.
Twice a week- Exfoliate with the Kiwi Face Scrub then use Drying Mask for 10-15 minutes.
Problem Days- Apply Drying Lotion to erupted areas. Apply a thin layer of the Drying Cream over the Drying Lotion. Leave on overnight.

I've *just* run out of Shu Uemura stuff so I'm switching to these tonight. Yay. Now you try. :-D