Thursday, June 9

Our Translation

Last weekend at the Fashion Coop in Redondo Beach I found a plethora of gorgeous jewelry. I only had a short time to browse but I did pick up a couple of items. Here are some of my favorite:

Our Translation: One of a kind vintage-style earrings.

I absolutely love the simplicity of these drops... not too flashy but just enough to spice up an outfit. They are the perfect length and light enough to wear out all day. Their website isn't too complete but there is contact information in case you'd like to order-by-phone. Otherwise I believe they are carried in some boutiques in Venice.

I also got this double-strand necklace from another new designer:

So far I've been pairing them with my skinny white tanks and with unbuttoned polo shirts. These also look great dressed up with a black tube top. I love that one strand is silver and the other is gold~ they are mismatched but they complement each other well! I absolutely loved this designer's necklaces but I didn't get any of their contact information. Hopefully I'll run into them at another show.