Sunday, August 28

On a Personal Note...

I just wanted to address some questions~

Yes.. "Fall" articles are coming! The comic below illustrates how I feel about upcoming fall fashion... Okay, not really. I'm excited... I have a lot of ideas and thoughts I can't wait to write about... but it's hard to get in the mood for Fall Fashion when you have 102 degree weather outside!!! (Darn this heat wave in LA!)

And I typically update the blog in "batches"... Once I think of one thing to say I pretty much come up with another 5 or 6. I typically try to do a few articles a week but some weeks I'm busier than others at work. i.e. Right now we are getting ready for another Denim Sample Sale... after about 10 hours of seeing, sorting, trying-on, and just swimming in denim it's hard to think about clothes.

But I just got back from Shu Uemura's Fall makeover... so I will be writing about that soon! And I just got a new digital camera so I will be taking more pictures of recent purchases.

And I want to thank those of you who leave comments... if you ever have any questions or what not please let me know where you are from as well (in both comments and e-mails)! It will help me answer your questions. For example someone asked me recently about Winter coats... and depending if you're in LA or NY the concept of a winter coat is much different :P

Okay, well that's it for now. ~.~