Monday, August 8


When you're lying on the beach in 90-degree heat, I've found it best to spray on the essentials. These are my favorites from my trip to Maui last week:

Vital Sun Protection Spray SPF 15, $17.50
A light alcohol-based SPF spray that virutally disappears after you spray it on. Well, by disappears I mean it's non-sticky, the actual SPF part stays on a long time. :) It's purse and beach bag sized, so it's great for on-the-go touchups throughout the day! A non-messy alternative to thick gunky SPF's. (Also comes in an SPF 25)

Frederic Fekkai
Sun Protectant Spray For Hair with Shea Butter, $22.50
A smell-good spray to protect hair & scalp from harmful UV sprays. (After all, our head and shoulders get the most sun exposure) Just spray on after your shower to protect all day. On the days I did a lot of swimming, I sprayed it on as my hair was air-drying, to get rid of the sea-salt stink :P

Mineral Water Spray, $5
I think this is just water, and I'm not really sure what the EXACT benefits are (besides, of course, moisturization) but this just feels good after 20 minutes of being in the sun or during a long flight. Or right before bed. Or right when you wake up.

Henri Bendel
Body Veil in Rose Petals, $22
The root of my spray-on addiction; I bought this lotion at Bath & Body Works and now I'm too lazy to put on regular rub-on lotion. It's a light spray but very moisturizing. It also absorbs very quickly so there's no stickiness factor- perfect for summer!

Sun Care Oil Intensive Tanning SPF 4, $27
And of course for those times you are lying around in the sun to get some actual color, you're going to need more than just protection. This tanning oil produces a really nice long-lasting bronze (as compared to the Banana Boat tanning spray I tried which just made me DARK). Although it is a little sticky (duh, it's oil) so I'd suggest using a really BIG towel to lie on, because once you get some sand on you, it's over. :)