Tuesday, September 6

The Kitson Conspiracy

This past lazy Saturday I stopped by Kitson on Robertson to conduct some denim "research"... bad decision. There was a barricade of papparazi and rabid fans holding up camera phones crowded on the sidewalk. I couldn't.. resist .. the urge ... to peek. (Besides, I was walking out of the parking garage next to the store so I was right already there anyway, right?)

Ah, no wonder.

Then as I strained my neck one last time to try to get a view of Paris' ring (again, couldn't help it!) I started to realize how extremely staged this entire "show" was. I've heard rumors about the Hilton Sisters' "deal with Kitson"... getting stuff for free... calling ahead of time to arrange visits so they can be sure papparazi is waiting... getting paid $10k per visit... lots of rumors.

But seriously speaking:
1) It was a Saturday. I've run into celebs in that store before, but usually on weekdays. It's only natural that they'd want to avoid the weekend crowds? But this was a Saturday, flat out in the middle of the day.

2) The TEAM shirts. What a shameless plug. May I add that within 20 minutes of the girls' leaving, Team Aniston shirts were all sold out and there were only 2 Team Jolie shirts left.

3) Oh Paris, do you really need to hold up EVERYTHING you're looking at really high for the entire store to see?

4) The girls visited every corner, nook and cranny of the store except for, of course, the cashier.