Monday, September 12

Luella Bartley, S/S 06

I'm still very partial about Luella Bartley. Partial to bags and now maybe shoes. Not yet partial to Ready-to-Wear. The nautical theme gave the show more of a "Resort" feel, which somehow makes it less convincing as a collection.

I did "feel" this bag though... structured and sophisticated. But are we still embelleshing our accessories with accessories?

The nautical theme did work well with this clutch. After the large hobos of this fall, a sleek, medium-sized clutch will be refreshing. I am planning on giving my shoulders a rest this coming Spring and stick to handhelds.

I think these boxy totes will be a big hit... I just can't wait to see what other [normal] colors and prints they will come in.

The peep-toe is back with a more dainty heel. The bow steps dangerously close to the 80's, but the contrast heels brings it back to updated status.