Tuesday, November 29

For me, winter brings an unexplained phenomena... skin hands and feet become ultra-dry while my scalp gets oilier. Time for a change of shampoo!

Ever since I dyed my hair mid-summer I've been using Kerastase's Chroma Reflection line for colored hair. Okay, I'll admit it. I colored my hair just so I could use this shampoo- it smells incredible. But now with the change of leather I am getting oily roots much too quickly between washes. Switch.

The bain divalent is specially formulated for oily scalps and dry sensitized lengths. In other words, long dry hair with oily roots like me. Then as a conditioner I use the Ciment Anti-Usure (which is for dry, damaged lengths) only at the ends of my hair.

Works like a charm.

Typically I have very heavy, very straight hair. Without care, my hair falls limp & flat against my head. I've tried numerous ways to combat the "Demi Moore" hairstyle and I've finally got a tried-and-true method. Forget the Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream, forget the Kerastase Leave-In's... my hair is heavy enough and all that extra weight just makes my hair straighter (albeit shiner).

Now I just spritz some Frederic Fekkai volume spray lightly into my roots, turn my head upside down and blow dry. I know- we've all read this a million times right? Well the trick is after your hair goes from damp to stiffly dry, get your head right-side-up again, use a round boar brush to brush out the hair starting from the sides (ears) from underneath and blowdry again from underneath... much easier than trying to master salon-style blowdrying from above.