Monday, November 7

Weekend Summary

In stock at Barneys New York. On Saturday I got a call from Barneys just as I was leaving that the Paddington Flats came in! In addition to this dark brown leather they also had black and tan. Tan was too matchy-matchy with my bag so I stuck with black. I figured it's a good classic color that will last me a long time.

They also got the loafer flats in-- very cute but not so cute in a size 10. Those were in dark brown and in the light beige. I loved the light beige! They also pinched my toes in a funny way. :(
...and... they restocked on the black boots! They were ridiculously gorgeous. I didn't dare try them on.

In other waited-all-fall-for-these-fall-items-to-come-out news, the Chanel Mademoiselle line is out. I'm not too into the bags (a bit mature for me) but I do love this clutch!

At $795 it is not a bad price for a Chanel, although somewhat steep for a clutch I'm not sure I need. They are having a Cruise Trunk Show at the Chanel in Beverly Hills this Thursday (12-4pm) so if I don't see anything there, then I'll reconsider the clutch. Meanwhile I've satisfied my Madamoiselle craving with a tri-fold key ring. ~.~

Also the Louis Vuitton Trapeze is out! Do you remember that post I wrote a while back about the page in Bazaar mag? Well turns out it was a Trapeze PM in Caramel. The Trapeze comes in 2 sizes, PM and GM. The PM is a slightly too-small tote and the GM is a slightly too-large tote. : Also comes in 3 colors, caramel (like in the magazine), rose (in the picture below) and beige which is a silvery-grey beige and looks almost white from far.

Bag shopping is endless! This season I'm going to skip the McQueen Novak bag (no matter how hot this bag is, it still reminds me of my childhood bowling bag) but I am starting to really like the Lanvin Kansas bag.

Does anybody know where in LA I can find one?