Monday, December 26

An apple a day keeps the oilies away.

To combat the winter oilies, my friend gave me the Frederic Fekkai Apple Haircare set for Christmas this year. I haven't been this excited for shampoo since... well since ever. And I have been known to get pretty excited over smell-good beauty products.

First of all, the Apple Shampoo does what all shampoo should do: clean. Unfortunately most shampoos nowadays are too focused on scent or color preservation or thickening and they forget to clean. This clarifying shampoo cleans very well without drying out the hair. It also leaves a light "real" apple scent.

Once or twice a week now I use the Apple Rinse. It leaves the hair feeling very naked and light~ perfect for day-afters. You know, "day after I put all that gunk in my hair"

After using the Apple Conditioner I had a revelation. (Really) Whenever I use a new conditioner I immediately feel the softening effect on my hair. After using the Apple conditioner however, I realized that every other conditioner I've used up to this point coats my hair with its ingredients so it doesn't necessarily make my hair softer: it adds stuff to it to make it feel softer. So that "soft effect" you get after trying a new conditioner? That's not your hair honey, that's build-up. With this conditioner your hair feels clean light and soft. And this time I'm sure it's my hair.