Wednesday, December 28

A phone for the rest of us!

The Nokia L'Amour collection debuted this month with one goal in mind: to please women. All 3 phones in the collection are compact and have feminine components in the design, like the brown leather backs or the floral etched pattern. I fell in love with the color palette and lucky for me it's time for a new cell phone. (My razr was not going to survive the holidays)

I had a hard time deciding between the 7370 (middle) and the 7380 (right). The girl in me wanted the 7380... the new jog dial acts as the centerpoint of the entire phone, much like the ipod click wheel does for the ipod. The color display is hidden behind the mirror in the front of the case. And this phone is seriously small. But could I live without the conventional keypad?

I was ready to settle for the 7370... the keypad swivels down from behind the display, so it is very compact when it's closed. This phone is a little more practical and has a larger and more vibrant display. Until I found out the entire phone only holds 10 MB of memory. How can a phone that can play video ringtones (yes, that's right, imagine a music video as your ringtone?) hold only 10 MB of memory?

So do I go for the practical phone with no memory to do my practical things (like take pictures, store mp3's, etc) or do I go for the novelty phone and give up functional things like SMS Text Messaging, playing games and browsing the internet?

This deliberation nearly killed me. So I let my boyfriend decide... and he went with the 7380!

This phone is small, and more importantly, it's cute. It's like the Nano of cell phones. :D

My favorite features:
-2.0 MB camera with zoom and flash. So now when I'm at the mall and need a 2nd opinion on those Marc Jacobs shoes I can shoot it in digital-camera-quality and send it to my bff via MMS or e-mail.
-The jog dial. It really makes life simpler than trying to scroll through a million menus. The user interface is very intuitive so it makes doing anything easier. Except for dialing. I've gone back to the rotary-dialing days. :p
-Predictive text. I thought I'd have to give up text messaging but this phone has a built-in predictive text dictionary that will put all the others to shame. The scroll goes through the alphabet, but once you choose a letter the dictionary gives you the 5 most likely letters to go after your letter (based on the English dictionary) and so on. Makes texting so much easier =)
-Voice recognition software. Rather than creating a "voice tag" of everybody's name in order to use the voice dialing, the Nokia 7380 has voice recognition software built-in so everything is automatic. You can even use your voice for commands like putting the phone on silent or checking the battery meter. You can use this when the phone is in your purse and you have your wireless headset on your ear.

So now I'm just waiting for Nokia to come out with the matching bluetooth headset.